Krystal and Saagar: Progressive Dems whitewash George W. Bush in endorsement bid

Krystal and Saagar: Progressive Dems whitewash George W. Bush in endorsement bid

Krystal and Saagar discuss reports from inside the Trump campaign that reveal the president wants George W. Bush to endorse Joe Biden.

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  1. The miserable prick GW Bush recently congratulated The Serpent (biden) for his unofficial status in this ongoing and unfinished game.

    It's apparent W is still butthurt from getting knocked off his high horse; his pride thrashed about by the current President's abilities to accomplish everything Bushs' could not nor would not do. Bushs' are what's at the bottom of a leaking community septic tank, currently known as The Swamp.

    Haven't liked "W" since about three months after he was inaugurated in 2001 when he told islamists to "bring-it-on". Only, this was at the expense of OUR childrens' blood – not his, his father's, his mother's, his brother's, his childrens' or his dog's. I concluded then and still do that W is as evil as he is stupid. Can't stand to see his face and can't wait to piss-out a colossal "W" in the cold icy snow on his grave.

    Too harsh ? I'll bet those that have lost children, family, and friends due to this warmonger's pride, arrogance, and gross incompetence wouldn't think so. W needs to shut his pie hole or maybe he needs to have it shut.

  2. A real progressive would call for jailing war criminals like Bush, Obama, Clinton and Trump amongst countless others and call for ending illegal wars. Not rocket science.

  3. War criminal, Biden, wanting endorsement from another war criminal 😒 so f shocking. We need to end to two party system and lesser of two evils. They will start a war with possibly China to “unify” the country toward a common enemy. Just look at the their rhetoric. And the increase of military budget. The space force is an stupid excuse for the increase in military budget. Its should raise questions that all of the sudden they keep bringing up UFOs. These mf will start a world war to keep themselves in power and distract people from want needs to happen. This system is corrupt plain simple. Lobbying is bribery. Plus billionaires should not exist. The altruistic Bill Gates is pushing for charter schools while kids lack their basic needs. Schools get defunded while police get militarized.

  4. You two say Biden's going to surely win now, because he spiked way up in the polls. That happened specifically in response to events that rally Dems (or things they latch onto to get votes but actually don't really do much about). If that is the case then the election is now Biden's to lose isn't it? Just like you both said previously about Trump, now election will depend more on what Biden does to lose it. And he has plenty of time left to mess things up & lose voter confidence. Hasn't even picked a VP yet. These are unprecedented times, & we just don't know which way pendulum will swing in next 5 months. Hopefully the fiscally conservative GOP will know when its time to act & put out another stimulus/jobs bill. Yes, it is possible.

  5. Trump is not a member of the corrupt good ole boys club. PERIOD. This is what people don’t get. Does trump have his own agenda? Of course! But he is in there because enough people realized this simple fact.

  6. Hypocrisy alert! These dems hounded & tortured G W Bush for 8 years and now he's praiseworthy? What they did and how they acted toward W, his dad , & Reagan , was FAR worse than what Trump said about Jeb!

  7. Bush is a terrible person. His policies were shocking and definitely contributed to the current status. His war efforts made the world far less safe. He is by and far better than Trump, that does not make him a good person.

  8. Many of these politicians will just go where the wind will take them.A bunch of political sociopaths that have really no interest in the working people across this nation.

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