Krystal and Saagar: Nina Turner Says Voting For Joe Like Eating ‘Bowl Of Sh*t,’ DNC Platform Set

Krystal and Saagar: Nina Turner Says Voting For Joe Like Eating ‘Bowl Of Sh*t,’ DNC Platform Set

Krystal and Saagar react to the DNC’s remote platform committee meeting where Democrats voted on the policy platform for 2020.

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  1. Due to today's pardoning of Susan B. Anthony, I believe that- unless nipped in the bud before a leftist defensive narrative takes root- they will try making the argument that "pardons don't matter/count for the dead but only for the living".
    A posthumous pardon mattered and counted for Alan Turing.
    QEII gave him a full posthumous pardon not long ago for the crime he was convicted and sentenced of. A crime that was still a crime in the UK until after he died. Turing's memory was vindicated with that posthumous pardon.
    So why can't the same count for Susan B. Anthony? She too committed something that was a crime until years after she died.
    If it mattered for Alan Turing, it certainly can matter just as equally for Susan B. Anthony.
    Both served their counties and people with distinction- both deserve to be equally honored and vindicated.
    All Pardons Matter.

  2. Bernie is busy enjoying his 3rd mansion. He was defanged by the DNC and his own weakness. 2016 and his caving to Hillary was forgotten too quickly.

  3. With what kind of stuff is BernieSanders blackmailed? There must be a reason why Bernie is getting in line with the corrupt DNC, is it something similar to the EpsteinCoverup?

  4. stop the insanity…..VOTE G R E E N…..the oligarchs have destroyed america and have enough of your money to live anywhere while you keep voting for there trash

  5. This is so sad yet again the American people are put in this no win situation between the lesser of 2 evils Hilary or Trump in 2016, now Biden or Trump in 2020 smh. It's time for a 3rd party that will actually do right by the American people let's get that going after this election.

  6. We don't have Trump because of Bernie we have Trump because of Obama/Biden administration. If people really wanted more of the same Hillary Clinton would have won in a landslide. However, people know the got chump chance in the Obama years and Biden will fundamentally be no different.

  7. Why don't progressives just finesse and hijack the republican party to meet their goals? Considering how stupid most of their voter block is im sure someone can make some type of p ut there argument for M4A and Green New Deal thats languaged in a way that the working class Republicans can just savor…is it kind of spineless? Yes..but so is the DNC

  8. The DNC abandoned Bernie years ago, and now they use him as a barometer of success?! Where is his voice? Where are his ideas? His words and ideas and energy and supporters were literally all over every political news feed but the DNC went with the establishment choice, again! It shows their commitment to "progress" and a lack of courage to follow the lead of the people. And now they want to try to hold Bernie accountable? Where's the logic? The DNC has no one to blame but itself.

  9. Joe is a no go. Let the civil war within the Democratic Party ensue, so progressives can take over. Even then, will they walk the talk? Damn near no hope for politics in America.

  10. I have no intention of every supporting the democratic party. I will support candidates who actually fight for causes believe in. If Nina turner and her crew are smart they will finally give up this nonsense and start a political party who supports the people. I promise to tithe with same vigor as I did for the Bernie campaign.

  11. Krystal is right.. Should Biden win in the general then it will be set in stone that ONLY centrism can win in the general and that the 2020 election was a rejection of progressives.

  12. Thankfully one strong progressive leader remains and will not bow down to the establishment and that is of course Nina Turner.. What a great description Nina gave of what progressives feel about voting for Biden.

  13. For the last half century, the Democrats have been blaming the Republicans for stopping their popular initiatives. Now, they're telling us they don't need the Republicans to stop them! Wow! What a way to outmaneuver the opposition!

  14. I was thinking safe and comfy "white" America hasn't learned yet cause they haven't really felt pain. This mild anxious discomfort will be over in November "when" "Crime bill"Joe wins and it all goes back to "normal". Which is still bad for disenfranchised white, black, and brown America. A lot of black and brown aren't caring since it's been bad. So i'm guessing Trump needs to be reelected to bring it all down like his business before the russians and Deustch Bank. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

  15. Fact is: Bernie DIDN'T fight hard for the nomination; he took the first opportunity to capitulate in both of his campaigns. It would have been better had he groomed a proxy protege to run in his place — someone with stomach for the fight.

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