Krystal and Saagar: New Sleeper Biden Ad Is Most Devastating Attack On Trump Yet

Krystal and Saagar: New Sleeper Biden Ad Is Most Devastating Attack On Trump Yet

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the latest Biden campaign ad which targets Trump for allegedly wanting to end social security and other government funded income services.

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  1. I just started retirement, but no way will I vote for that moron Biden. I am ashamed to say it, but I am now part of America's worst generation. The me generation. The generation that wants to raise their grandkids after they messed up their own kids. The generation that won't look for a job because it does not pay Union scale. The you owe us everything generation. I remember I was driving and had my Father-in-Law and old man in the car. They both said they voted for Ross Perot because he said the others were going to mess with SSI. I almost stopped the car and told them to get out and walk. This has been going on forever. Bush Jr thought get rid of SSI and go over to 401K's. I don't see it happening anytime soon.

  2. Bahahahaha, and you think SS will be there if Biden wins and he gives illegals all the free benefits that Americans don't even get free? Really? Could you be that silly to think they don't strip SS from all who would have and should get it when they give it to those who've never paid into it. Yeah, y'all just keep thinking that way and see where your SS is when you reach retirement NEW age OF retirement at 85 IF BIDEN wins. You seriously better pray he doesn't.

  3. What is the different when Biden gonna raises taxes to 28% + you have to pay state tax on top of it .. capital gains tax wealth tax evert thing gonna go up raise minimum wage to $15 and tax you half of it so u actually earn $7.5 again ..

  4. What is wrong with everyone? SS is a separate deduction, just like state tax is a separate deduction. Doesn't anyone look at their pay stubs? They are NOT PART of the payroll tax.

  5. I am an employer and I checked with my payroll company, (ADP,) and we are still deducting social security and everything. You can apply to have them deferred but I don't know any takers.

  6. That is a big lie. I am a Tax preparer and I have been working on my CE. This "payroll tax cut' will be DEFERRED not FORGIVEN, meaning that they will have to be repaid. Stop lying to people!

  7. 3:00 Saagar loves to inject these zingers: "people our age will never get to get it (social security)."
    Well, there's a solution to that, Saagar. Raise the cap. Duh! And stop raiding it for unrelated expenses.
    But of course cons and Rs don't like to do that. They'd rather have free stuff: i.e., collect social security without having paid into it.

  8. The Biden camp put this ad out there, it would be too easy for the Trump administration to do a little research and run a ad that shows how Joe Biden has been trying to cut and slash social security benefits for Americans for decades!!!!

  9. I remember when I was hired to work for the post office, I had to show them my social security card as part of the employment application process. I need to acquire a new social security card after my older brother had mistakenly thrown it away. I remember when I entered the social security office in Kansas City Kansas I observed people from other countries that I guess were applying for social security cards. The loud incident that caught my along with everyone else's attention in the office that day was a young woman who was yelling and running around with excitement that she finally received her health care provider letter from her Doctor stating she was unable to work due to her physical condition????

  10. They’re going to sunset SS, deal with it people. We’re fuckin broke. We’ve been broke. We don’t let seniors go without it or Boomers, but Millennials won’t get it, and only the top half of GenX might see it (50+). The rest of us on our own, it’s not going to last.

  11. It won't work. Every 4 years, sense I've been alive, some politician tries to scare the shit out of seniors about Social Security with decreasing effectiveness on the voters each time. The most affected by this tactic are dead. The rest of us saw what these politicians did to our grand parents. Attacks on Social Security are political suicide for every US Senator and Congress person. They won't touch it. I am approaching retirement and I don't bye it.

  12. I'm so done with trump. At this point I'd vote for an actual orange over him. There will be less damage done to the country over the next 4 years.

  13. So how does an ad where the rebuttal ("BIDEN has attacked Social Security for DECADES!") has already been uncovered qualify as "effective"? Trump could literally just re-air the Sanders ad and put his face on the end.

    Biden has as much chance of claiming to be the champion of Social Security as he does of claiming he was for busing to integrate schools.

  14. Don't let Biden fear monger people into voting for him his plan is to totally destroying the oil ,coal ,natural gas industry that will destroy millions of jobs he plans to put AOC in charge of the green new deal implementation and Harris idea of banning meat

  15. it's just temporary payroll tax cut. according to mnuchin, they have a fund to dig into to backstop soc security if needed. i really dislike entitlement programs anyway. i rather save my money for my own retirement. and besides, it was pelosi's fault. she refuses to negotiate another bill unless she gets a big $2T stimulus passed. it's easy to have an anti-biden commercial… just show him saying he wants open borders at the debate and show how much that will drain the treasury with all the freebies he wants to give to the illegals. ]

  16. Do your homework, he is not cutting S.S or medicare, it's not going to run out by 2023, he is deferring payroll tax for this year, and might forgive it altogether, just to boost house hold income.

  17. Trump wants to eliminate the SS because he has no need for it. While we the people who worked all our lives and been paying SS and we want a return of our investment. After all we have been paying for it. Wake up Seniors, please vote blue.

  18. I'm sorry but you people don't know what you're talking about if you file exempt on your taxes it only stops state and federal income taxes from coming out Medicare and social security are paid in full

  19. The whole financial system would collapse without the monthly injection of social security..virtually all of it is cycled back in. It's the largest contributor of the velocity of $$ to the economy

  20. Eliminating the payroll tax will gut social security and medicare. It is no secret that Republicans have tried to gut or privatize social security for years. Afterall, the trillion dollar tax cut is not enough for the 1% and Trumpshenko.

  21. social security needs to be reformed based on the income the government paid to a five star general the benefits they receive are inflated. They do not need that much while others that struggled at blue collar jobs have limited social security payments. There is is the real wealth tax don't give huge monthly amounts to super rich retirees.

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