Krystal and Saagar: New polling shows which VP candidate Bernie supporters may back

Krystal and Saagar: New polling shows which VP candidate Bernie supporters may back

Krystal and Saagar discuss a New York Times story, that says black leaders close to Biden have publicly and privately pushed him to select a black woman to fuel black voter excitement.

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  1. Utterly superficial. Pathetic. As a “latino”, my priority is not skin color or gender but vision & ethics. I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard.

  2. The biggest mistake progressives ever made was merging with the democratic party, it should of never happen, the progressive party, at that time was a strong party. More republicans are joining the democratic party, pushing more progressives and the left out. Neo liberalism is running the DNC, it is time for progressives to dump the democratic party and reform under the progressive banner.

  3. Bernie Supporters want Bernie. Period. Why do you think he made such a stupid promise? It was a simple ploy to slap progressives in the face. With that he said clearly that he would never choose Bernie, and pandered to the morons that think identity politics is a thing. Age, sex, nor race matter. Policy matters.

  4. The ONLY VP pick I can see Bernie's supporters wanting is Nina Turner.. Any one else is a sub standard substitute.
    Nina has the experience in politics on a municipal level and as a State Senator and would fight for progressive platforms and not back down from a fight.. That is what progressives want to see in a VP pick.

    Oh it is going to take an epic apology to Sanders supporters for them to forgive Warren for what she did with her low blow during the debate and afterwards accusing Bernie of being a sexist. Then to top it all off is her flip flopping on progressive issues that Sanders supporters would have to forgive and forget.

  5. You can't decry racism/sexism and then engage in identity politics. When will progressives realize that you can't have it both ways? I'm guessing never, as this rule doesn't seem to apply in the modern era, and conservatives are afraid to promote it, for obvious reasons.

  6. If I'm to put on my Biden/DNC hat and considering that it "has to be" a woman, then I think the answer is going to be Amy Klobuchar or Kamala Harris. Why? 1. Nina Turner was only a state senator and "much to scary" to the general public. 2. Stacy Abrams never won anything really and I think voters will be very skeptical of her. 3. Elizabeth comes from a state with a Republican governor which means that the dems would lose a seat in the senate…… So if it has to be a woman, then they're either going to pick Kamala or Amy… both from states with Dem governors. If I would bet between the two, I would say Amy because of her midwestern roots. But they've been pushing Kamala hard from the beginning so who knows? Regardless, it's going to be Amy or Kamala.

  7. Put Harris on the Court. She's probably better than anyone else he'd pick. She's fairly young and has legal experience. I'm very much not a Kamala fan, but I'd support that given Biden's range.

  8. That any former Bernie supporter would even consider voting for a democratic party candidate for president, let alone support a democratic vice presidential candidate, is beyond belief! What are they thinking? If your going to continue to support this corrupt party you cannot by any stretch of the imagination call yourself a progressive!. As to a black this or that, this is pandering at its lowest. It's just more identity politics to support a candidate that suffers from the same deficiency as the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

  9. It is all moot…… Dementia Joe Biden is done- His wife cannot do the debates…. This will be a humiliation considered to be elder abuse. I have great disdain for the history of Joe Biden- He has never been on the right side of anything… I also have pity for this humiliation. He is unable to coherently defend himself.

  10. Stacey Abrams was purchased by Mike Bloomberg early in his primary bid. As someone who is still debating on if I can vote for Biden an Abrams VP pick would seal the deal on a hard pass.

  11. I don't think there's anything wrong with including historically disenfranchised or un-included demographics or being concerned with the aesthetic of the governing body and it's appeal to relevant demographics, what I think is wrong with this entire conversation is that people are being pandered to based on these things and filling in space with an largely empty void in terms of people's majority interests and expecting people to just be OK with that.

  12. I find it strange Bernie supporters (who felt betrayed by Warren both in her actions and later mainstream leanings) prefer Warren as VEEP. Many now feel she's a progressive in name only. I suppose Warren has name recognition for many voters and federal experience under her belt.

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