Krystal and Saagar: New Poll Shows Biden's Ace In The Hole

Krystal and Saagar: New Poll Shows Biden's Ace In The Hole

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the latest polling out of the battleground states showing seniors favoring Biden.

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  1. Trump didn’t do nothing really? He imposed a travel ban the last week of of January will Democrat’s were trying to impeach him. Remember when Nancy Polosi was telling people he everything good, to eat at Chinatown. FYI travel ban was consider xenophobic

  2. No you're seriously wrong! Us Ga seniors and outside of Atlanta are voting straight red! In mine and surrounding counties you see Trump signs everywhere! I haven't seen the first Biden sign!

  3. This is fake news, senior vote will almost always bounce back for Trump. Biden has a problem and that’s the African American and Latino vote is swinging more in Trumps direction than in 2016.

  4. Trump should run adds in Fl showing the codgers one paragraph from the so called affordable healthcare law; one section. The section that shows how Obama and Biden transferred ( looted) the Medicare trust fund of $668bn to pay for it. I’d hit his dimwit ass with that in commercials and during the debate. I would have a copy of the law, highlighting the one line, holding it up for people to see on stage and during the debate, and then tell people if they don’t believe me, go and google the specific page, give them the paragraph and line.

  5. Nope again! I am one of those seniors who is in the 'most at risk' group, and I promise you, I have NOT changed my mind about Trump. Kystal shows her ignorance by saying the rallies concern seniors. What bothers us more is the blatant attack on liberty and freedom that we fought, and many died for. SCREW your damn mask! People even wearing them in the car!. Are you kidding me??? NO ONE I am aware of will vote for more Marxist solutions to a over-hyped issue.

  6. His Ace is Trump, a self-destructing moron whose incompetence is FINALLY awaking some of the cult members. The attacks on Biden are pretty ridiculous given he is running against Trump .

  7. Incumbent's are rarely unseated in the USA. Almost every president does 8 years. Also, people are fed up with the violence being perpetrated by the left and BLM's support is dwindling fast. It's very likely Trump will win. Who listens to polls anymore?

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