Krystal and Saagar: MSNBC Whistleblower Reveals How Yang BLACKOUT Worked

Krystal and Saagar: MSNBC Whistleblower Reveals How Yang BLACKOUT Worked

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss MSNBC’s blacklisting of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

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  1. Thank you both for at least mentioning Tulsi and crediting the pure hell they put her through. That was the eye opener for me against media and corrupt government and when i started to see 90 percent of what they reported on trump was intentiinal lies.

  2. At least he helped, but the media outlets are still extremely corrupt and our schools tell us to listen to them constantly. No. No we should not.

  3. Can you imagine if this Yang became US president? That'll definitely be ironic don't you think?

    US is now in a huge trade and cold War with the CCP which compels the commies to use every trick in their Commie playbook to bring the US to it's knees. Does anyone here think that Yang is going to oppose the commies? He's already one of them simply by the fact that he's a Democrat which is by definition, a SWAMP CREATURE, an enemy of the freedom loving world.

    Those who deny the Dems historical identity (that of being the KKK personified) is already doomed to keep repeating the sufferings the citizens are going thru at this very moment. The most hated Newsom and Cuomo and Whitmer and Pelosi are Democrats after all, ensuring the oppression of people and violation of their civil liberties. Hello. You deny this fact, you become complicit to destroying the greatest nation in the free world.
    And all that because of HATE.

    All that hate is going to drive you all off the cliff, cursing everyone and screaming as you fall to your death.

  4. Krystal & Saagar & The Hill
    needs to STFU
    because they dogged out
    Andrew Yang
    and therefore US Citizens
    by being NEGATIVE &/or NON-COMMITTAL about
    Andrew Yang at every opportunity ❗

    The ONLY REASON they are talking about this story now is for Views ❗

    Krystal & Saagar & The Hill SUCK ❗

  5. These people need to be in jail and the rest MUST BE SUED! Lying to the American people or disregarding our candidate is treason denying us a good candidate.

  6. How about you do the same by covering Trump’s election fraud hearings in multiple states, and the countless affidavits and testimonies. Wonder why YOU GUYS are blacking out Trump and 74 million American voters..🤔

  7. These networks ought to be investigated for violating campaign finance laws – because their favoritism for or against certain candidates was blatant electioneering.

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