Krystal and Saagar: Media Ignores BOMBSHELL Court Decision Which Could Spur Election CHAOS

Krystal and Saagar: Media Ignores BOMBSHELL Court Decision Which Could Spur Election CHAOS

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti spotlight Pennsylvania, after reports emerged Philadelphia’s city commissioners warned that 30,000-40,000 mail ballots could be invalidated in the state.

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  1. I saw Sen. Whitehouse present his biased report but I also know how much money Planned Parenthood has invested to stop state legislation in Arkansas, just as one example, which humanizes the abortion process, for example, by requiring that a doctor with hospital admitting privilege be on staff in case the mother’s life is in danger and she needs to be admitted to a hospital during the abortion. I follow Family Council and have seen many suits filed against my state, which has a very dynamic Christian AG.

    The payroll tax cut that Trump is pushing, I believe, could be responsible for the collapse of the "Red Wall" of Republicans. We've all heard about the collapse of the "Blue Wall" in the 2016 election, when Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania turned from Blue to Red.
    Please see this poll from The Hill YouTube channel: "NEW POLL: Biden's lead with seniors DRAMATICALLY DROPS." But the buried lead of this poll, revealed later in the video, says that Biden and Trump are tied in the South. What I find most interesting and an unusual opportunity for Biden revealed in this poll is that the South is tied between Trump and Biden. That's unusual, isn't it? Usually the South votes Republican.

    And some of the more low income Southern States in the South, such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and West Virginia, are where a lot of people and their families rely on Social Security income. (The southern states' residents collect more from social programs, while the northern, more liberal states pay more taxes into these programs.)
    Trump's recent exec order to defer payroll taxes is supposed to last only thru Dec of this year–but those taxes are still due in April of '21–and Republicans are hoping that, at that time, people will complain about paying them, or not be able to pay them. At that time, Republicans will try to make the payroll tax cut permanent. And if that happens, Social Security will run out of money in 2023. And that's when Social Security would end. So the wolf is at the door–and Biden should be running around with his hair on fire to let people in the South know this.
    So do low income people and seniors in these more low income Southern states even know that Donald Trump plans to end Social Security with his recent executive order to end the payroll tax? The payroll tax is what pays for Social Security, Medicare & disability programs. And Trump said when he issued the exec order that he wants to make the payroll tax cut permanent.
    Should Biden go on the offensive and win Southern states that have usually voted red: Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and/or West Virginia? I think Biden should knock down that Red Wall! A lot of people talk about how Republicans knocked down the Blue Wall in 2016, and therefore are concentrating on Mich., Wisconsin, Penn.–states in the North which are important states not to be ignored for sure. Sure, Biden needs to defend Mich, Wis, and Penn. But Biden could also be creative and go on the offensive to knock down the Red Wall in the South.
    Over 50 years ago, the South was converted to Republicans by Richard Nixon's now infamous "Southern Strategy." Before Nixon's bold strategy, in 1968 the South had been strongly Democrat a since the Civil War. The South had been strongly Democrat for almost 100 years! After the Civil War, most Dems had turned Democrat because they hated the Republican Vice President who replaced Lincoln. President Johnson, who replaced Lincoln, allowed the Carpetbaggers and allowed the ripoffs and revenge on the South to take place after the Civil War. Lincoln had wanted reconciliation, not revenge. But Lincoln was assassinated. So Southerners hated the Republican party for almost a century. But a century later, clever Nixon figured something out to change the South, and used it, that is, the racism that was still strong at that time in the South after the Civil Rights movement, including the riots, of the '50s and '60s. So Nixon appealed to the racism of many Southerners at that time, by posing as the "law and order" president–code words ("dog whistle words") for his promise to keep the blacks under control, and Trump is doing the same thing today. Trump is using Nixon's tried and "true" playbook today because since Nixon turned the South Republican, the South has remained so for over 50 years at this point.
    But this history is no reason for Biden to be complacent and just accept that red wall states will vote red this time around. Be as creative and crafty as Nixon–who turned the South Republican after it had been Democrat or a century! So why can't Dems turn the South back Blue after only 50 years? Biden needs his own "Southern Strategy" to turn the South Blue. A part of this new Southern Strategy is certainly that the South is not as racist as it was in '68. So Biden needs to get aggressive and scream this from the roof tops, and to affect other states that aren't poor or low income, states such as Florida and Nevada, which also have a high population of retirees. Biden needs to get more aggressive even with seniors in wealthy states to let them know that Donald Trump plans to end Social Security and to privitize it, where the wolves on Wall Street can steal it!
    A big part of the Republican voters have usually been senior citizens. But maybe not this year, because of Trump's exec order to defer the payroll tax–a tax which pays for Social Security and Medicare. Before this exec order, Trump tried unsuccessfully to force Congress to vote for the payroll tax cut as part of any Corona Virus Stimulus. Trump said he would not sign any Corona stimulus bill that did NOT include the payroll tax cut. But both houses of Congress refused to go along, most famously, Chuck Grassley (a Republican), making the public statement that there was no support for the payroll tax cut. So Trump "went it alone" and issued the exec order to defer payroll taxes until April, which means that these back payroll taxes will have to be paid in one lump sum on April 15. Trump and a lot of other Republicans are hoping that, at that time, that many people will be complaining about having to pay them all in one big lump sum, and Republicans can get support to make the payroll tax cut permanent. And if that happens, Social Security will be defunded by 2023. So that's why 2020 is well likely the year that seniors leave the Republican base. And states with large senior/retiree populations are crucial to the 2020 election results, particularly Florida and Nevada.

    People in these low income Red Southern States also need to know that DT also has a case before SCOTUS that would declare Obamacare unconstitutional, and if he wins, then all protections against discrimination against people with prior health conditions would be ended. If Trump wins this case before SCOTUS, insurance companies could once again refuse coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. And, with a health crisis, this issue isn't just for seniors.
    People in the typically poorer Southern states should also know that a SCOTUS decision favoring Trump on to end Obamacare would end Medicaid in the states also. Also, lots of seniors in these states that have usually voted red also use Medicaid. People who are low income in those states use Medicaid, and there might be more of them with the Covid health crisis with people losing their jobs.

  3. Fear not, there won't be any election chaos. Trump will win on election night, the democrats will file lawsuits, the SCOTUS will decide Trump won and that'll be it. Easy peasy.

  4. If the ballots are not returned in the prescribed condition then the ballot is void. If you aren’t smart enough to fill out the ballot correctly then vote in person or don’t vote. Democrats are always making excuses for idiots.

  5. So Democrats are afraid their voters are not smart enough to fill out a ballot and mail it ? Meanwhile, the GOP is confident their voters will. That says a lot

  6. I don't mind the envelope rules, if you can't read and follow simple instructions then I'm not convinced you know enough about the candidates to make an educated vote. Is it a poll tax of sorts…maybe…but the rules are there for a reason and if they just accept the votes anyway then what's the point? Maybe notify the voters or return the ballot to them if they don't comply?

  7. All the complexity in US voting systems is intentional. It gives the establishment more tools and ways to pick and choose ballots they want and discard ones they don't want. Simpler systems give voters more control. More complex systems make rigging harder to notice and to prove. It's easier to pass things off as "mistakes" when a system is complex but nobody ever asks why the system is needlessly complex to begin with. It's obvious when you stop to think about it.

    If they wanted to, they could make voting mandatory to eliminate all voter suppression tactics, they could publicly post everyone's results for transparency and audit checks to ensure no rigging or tampering. By they don't. And I never hear anyone ever question why. So many problems could be solved by simplifying the system. I've concluded that it's intentionally complex to give the establishment more ways to manipulate the outcomes. It's the only reason that makes any sense to me.

  8. The democrats are the ones that started pushing this garbage so we the people would be prepared when they started pushing the narrative after that the election that the race can't be decided because of voting issues. That is their usual play.

  9. Gee–winning in the polls! How…futile. Polls are not the official ballots.

    Besides, there's a BIG difference between absentee ballots and mail-in ballots.

    Sounds like very poor prior planning and a total lack of preparation. Which party is running those areas with zero planning and zero preparation on the vote?

    What would happen if one of the two candidates achieved an overwhelming advantage in the popular vote–averaging 65% in every state against the opponent's 30%? Would that trigger rioting?

  10. I DON'T know what gives Krystal Ball the idea that Black voters in Philadelphia were suppressed in the last election in 2016 when they obviously were not TURNING OUT for Hillary Clinton justifying attacking words of superpredators towards Blacks & Biden's 1994 Crime Bill. She took the heat for the SAME thing that Biden should taking this year around, insulting Black Voters intelligence nominating Kamala Harris KNOWING she NEVER energized Black Voters with only a whopping <%1 Vote NOT supporting the Black Agenda and flipped-flopped on Her racial identity she has made Her bed having made it abundantly clear she is NOT supporting or meeting the demands of Her party's BASE throwing the economic & social justice out the window. If I didn't know better I think Krystal Ball is lamenting deflect from giving any more points to Trump trying to be a little more favorable to her political party's side.

  11. In the UK where mail voting is Popular, late votes , incorrectly completed form are rejected end of its the voters responsibility to ensure their vote is valid and arrives on time to be counted

  12. "Congratulation for kicking the green party off the ballot". Krystal cheering for a two-party state where both parties spend billions on saving corporations but next to nothing to save the people at the bottom. What's next? The democrats trying to get the republicans off the ballot? Or the republicans doing the same on the democrats? Cheering for that is insanity.

  13. Put your big boy/girl panties and get to the polls. Think of the young men who lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy to protect democracy; their case fatalities rates were a million times more than the potential of dying from the corona virus. If you can't take that tiny risk for democracy, then you're just another snowflake who deserves the government you get.

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  15. Republic: "A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives…" Democracy: "A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives." Remember we are a Republic, your elected representatives have the power, not the people. Your elected officials, do not have to follow the views of the majority, they have the power to appoint anyone they want to the electoral college. Now you know why it is of crucial importance to teach civics in school.

  16. Interesting that the dems are trying all angles to eliminate any type of votes that can go against them; whether it be green party votes, mail in naked votes, etc. if they were confident in their candidate they wouldn’t have to go to such extreme measures to change laws and eliminate other parties that quite frankly hardly make a dent. I think they believe that by eliminating the green party from the ballot will force those voters to put a check mark for Biden, but what will they do when those voters just choose to not cast a ballot at all?

  17. What's funny is, Democrats call Republican voters stupid hicks and deplorables, but when it comes to voters being too stupid to follow directions when mailing in a ballot THOSE people are all Democrats.

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