Krystal and Saagar: Media FAWNS Over Kamala Heading Into Debate With Pence

Krystal and Saagar: Media FAWNS Over Kamala Heading Into Debate With Pence

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti preview the upcoming vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. They also discuss the possibility of Joe Biden skipping the next debate with President Trump.

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  1. "and Jesus Christ, here we are…"
    — Krystal Ball

    I think that pretty much sums up how every common American is feeling right now. This entire process is simply telling us to just roll over… because nothing is going to look up for you… just take it.

  2. Kamala Harris is posing as a "Black". She is from the top level of the Hindu caste (colour) system. The "Blacks" in the cast system are the Untouchables. So how come Kamala is now calling herself "Black"? Pure cynicism? Hypocrisy? Grasping at power? Who knows? But Kamala Harris is no more an American "Black" than was Lyndon Johnson.

  3. People who don't give a damn will care plenty when all of Biden/Harris start showing you their plans and the effects on your life are you ready to slit your wrists. These high priced programs will drag this country into the ground they are laced with super high taxes ready to join the homeless . Pay raises for low level employees that create massive inflation but you like paying way more for food and getting muchless , right ! Inflation has always robbed you that is why we have a problem with the cost of living . Sounds good to get votes the reality is you won't be able to pay bills and live. What things can you do without because that is the future they are making for you. They talk new jobs at what price they expect the rich to pay but the rich will leave taking good jobs with them.

  4. I guess packing the courts question is not an important issue to these two. Seems like they are more interested about their own self affirmation than discussing issues that truly affect the average American. I guess we’ll see these two on CNN or MSNBC in the near future.

  5. Grow up, Crystal. Great to see Tim Caine, and glad we never had to see much of him after 2016. He was impenetrably stupid. And Biden whining about following the science. About the only line he can still remember.

  6. Sorry saagar people really do care but do to the suppression of information and the absolute refusal of the democrats to answer any tough or real questions that have been asked not to mention the obvious assistance to debate from the moderators cnn and nbc. Plus biden saying out his own mouth he wont answer any real questions until after the election telling people to only focus on their negative narratives and lies. People are not stupid some just dont do research.. If trump is lying so much as the standing commander and cheif they could have proved it and had him removed as happened to nixon and clinton…@ saagar i love how you stand on the side of truth which seems very job threatening for alot of reporters, journalists and news anchors

  7. If you watch the Hill and your stance is to not vote Trump or to vote Biden, take at look at Andrew Shultz clip he uploaded today. It's about 20 min long and the title is about the fly on Pence during the debate. Flagrant clips I think is the channel. It's a good glimpse inside the minds of people that don't really follow politics and are on the fence. They were joking but in their minds naming valid arguments Pence did great during the debate. Andrew is a "I don't know who I'm voting for" person.

  8. Hey Krystal and Saagar, CNN, The NYT & WP are proven unreliable pollsters. CNN’s viewership has severely dropped from 2016. These people’s polls were way off in 2016 and they basically sound exactly like 2016. Our hope is that progressives, independent and non-voting Americans show up and vote for the Green Party, the only party offering something for the working poor and the working disappearing middle class. America can’t afford going the wrong direction with Trump or Biden. This is the message you should be providing. You seem to forget that progressives comprise a large proportion of your viewership. I can’t speak for them but I feel let down by your shows. Biden and Trump are both monsters with very disturbing pasts with lots of skeletons!!!

  9. Mike Pence is a republican centibite whose DESIRE for right-wing fundamentalism and flesh thout decreeith him with the powers of LEVIATHAN and the Republican party. In effect, all that this Republican party knows IS YOUR FLESH ———-

  10. All ANYBODY has to do is FACT CHECK. SHE'S SUCH A LIAR! Funny how she just changes up to WHATEVER answer she knows she needed to say was her & Bidens views. She NEEDS that smug look knocked off her condescending face! Anybody that can read someone else &/or read energy… I guarantee found almost too much to get thru. I have no problem with having opinions DIFFERENT from anybody else… I even RESPECT it as long as whoever is 1.Respectful & 2. Isn't a LIAR! PLEASE Research people… im begging you.

  11. Don't compare this time with crooked Hilary. Everyone knowing that time, that they will not vote for Hillary.- but Hilary was dancing like a doll to be President. She fall down from a 10 story building in 2016. This time Biden will jump holding Kamala like he held Tara Reid from a 20 Story Sky scrapper.

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