Krystal and Saagar: Liberals Call Ken Bone Nazi Collaborator After He Votes Third Party

Krystal and Saagar: Liberals Call Ken Bone Nazi Collaborator After He Votes Third Party

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Ken Bone’s decision to vote for Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen, for president.

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  1. It's like this everywhere. The party of tolerance and inclusion isn't so welcoming the moment you disagree with them. It's scary stuff. Like Tech CEOs targeting who will be killed in the revolution, I believe it was a twitter co-founder who wanted to murder Bezos.

  2. I mean we all know voting 3rd party in this election pretty much pointless in this political climate, but I agree that it is not okay to react the way some of these people have, and as a Biden supporter I do agree some people push too hard and really make me cringe sometimes because I feel like they push people away from voting democrat

  3. Neither party will reform, until they are threatened by a third party. When the Democrats are fearful enough of the Greens and the same for the Republicans with the Libertarians, both parties will reform. Until then, they are only going to respond to their corporate masters.

  4. American public: We want a third-party alternative
    Libertarian Party, Green Party etc.
    American public: I don't want to throw my vote away

  5. The powerful DNC managed to win their court cases to keep the Green Party off the ballot in Wisconsin and Montana .
    What is democratic about the Democrat Party ? Not much if anything . This type of voter suppression is fascist .

  6. Yep, and just remember to take note for future reference that these same people harassing Ken Bone and hurling Nazi epitaphs for voting third party, as is his right as an American, were same people screaming and crying that the 'Bernie Bros' were being mean to them. Remember that so that they may never, ever play off our sympathies again with their hypocritical bvllsh!t.

  7. I'm reading the comments and I have to say, they are starting to reflects the kind of spirit and gumption worthy of the United States. These two parties have ground us into the ground and we need to find the energy to JUST SAY NO!!!!!

  8. I think we need 'None of The Above', but unlike Nevada if NOTA gets the most votes the whole lot of candidates is dumped and we start over until we find someone who cares about the majority again in this country.

  9. It’s always the voters fault b/c Blue believes the party of “compassion and moral superiority” is faultless. They’ve been duped by their own virtue signals.

  10. These Democrats and liberals in the main stream media attacking people nonstop for who they vote for is very nazi like. That’s not even debatable.

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  12. It’s protest votes that will put Rump back in office. Ken Bone CANNOT complain if Rump wins because he essentially voted for Rump by not voting for Rump.
    PS I don’t like Biden but I don’t want another 4 years of Rump.

  13. I am a nine year US Army Infantryman and Gulf War1 Veteran. I voted Libertarian party because the Republicans and especially the Democrats did not earn my vote and should grow up soon. It is my Constitutional Rights to vote how i feel. Don't like how i vote then earn that vote. Tulsi Gabbard 2024

  14. Once again, painting with a very wide brush.; Once again it is only the Dems, never anyone else.

    Can I suggest you take a look at the comments at, say, the Federalist? The hatred is so entrenched it makes people spout nonsensical strings of adjectives. Something like
    "you pinko nazi socialistic commie progressive liberal DEMO RAT". Yes, Demo-rat is typically all capitals. and clearly they are ill informed as to the actual meaning of the words.

    If you try and converse with them similar, but different, invectives are included with each response.

    But I'm just a liberal. It must be my imagination.

  15. I`m not voting for Trump or Biden in November either. You should see some of the emails I have received from Biden supporters !!! You should see some of the emails I have received from so-called progressives !!!! Call me what you will, I will NOT be casting my vote for Trump or Biden !!!! Hopefully we`ll have a progressive Third Party in 2024, then I can cast my vote.

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