Krystal and Saagar: Joe Biden's voting conspiracy theory, NY state cancels primary

Krystal and Saagar: Joe Biden's voting conspiracy theory, NY state cancels primary

Krystal and Saagar watch Trump’s response to election delay reports, and comment on Joe Biden’s claims that the President wants to.

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  1. While the GOP is a flagrant threat, the DNC is the bigger threat to democracy due to their willingness to throw democracy to the wayside to push their desired candidate. They admitted as much in the 2016 lawsuit 'we are not obligated to put forward a candidate based on the will of the voters' (approximate statement)

  2. I typically can't stand "progressive" media because they seem so dishonest, pushing narrative before reality. I really appreciate the Integrity of this show calling a spade a spade in the pursuit objective reporting.

  3. Biden can't even beat the ghost of bernie? LOL. He's gotta try harder if he wants to win votes.
    He's gonna find it harder to penetrate the white house than an unwilling woman at this rate.

  4. Trump did play publicly with the idea of delaying the election a few times.
    Problem is, that it won't help him, as his term ends regardless of the election (well, unless he is reelected by the time his term ends).

  5. Ugh. Unnecessary swipe at an award winning journalist many times better than either of you. Why with the Rachel Maddow hate? Can't you let us enjoy your show, without constantly being a dick to everyone who isn't you? Just once? Just stop with the hate on her. She's BETTER than you. That's the bottom line. Her show is more popular. She's smarter. She does deeper dives. She thinks more deeply about thesse issues than either of you. The jealousy of left wing journalists is hilarious and sad And no, Biden's claim isn't smart or likely true. Trump might WANT to do that. But he can't. So it's dumb to assert it publicly.

  6. I became a delegate for Democrats Abroad.

    Should I even bother going to Milwaukee?!?

    I don't even know if I will be physically able to because of COVID-19.

    Also, anyone have a few thousand dollars to spare, since you have to pay for everything out of pocket.

    Man…this whole political process is such a scam and a sham.

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