Krystal and Saagar: Fauci ADMITS LIVE government lied about masks to preserve supplies

Krystal and Saagar: Fauci ADMITS LIVE government lied about masks to preserve supplies

Krystal and Saagar react to Dr. Fauci’s interview where he admits health officials downplayed the importance of masks to save PPE for healthcare workers.

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  1. "We have decided internationally, and nationally to allow this pandemic to go on far longer than it should have. We've had over 600,000 deaths from a virus we can pretty effectively prevent with a 25 cent mask. We've chose for the most part not to do it. We've chosen for the most part, to abandon it…So we will see variant deaths."-Dr. Gregory Poland (mayo clinic)

  2. Here's my thought: Before even making any statement regarding masks, they could easily have bought the entire national supply and shipped them directly to healthcare facilities. So, it seems to me that Fauci must have truly thought masks would not help; And if that is the case, why would he later give the bogus reason regarding supply? Is it all to mask (no pun i) the fact that he is even dumber than he lets on? I think some of guys get to these high positions and just turn on the 'cruise control' and hope for a smooth ride while they work on their pet projects.

  3. These people are so ignorant. The same people who bought up all the toilet paper. All the hand sanitizer. All the disinfect wipes . All the horders, thats who would have continued to buy the mask up. Because they are selfish

  4. He lied to us when he said we need mask. The mask dont work . He told us the truth when he told us we didnt them. They were mandated after the stores got stocked up and bacame a billion dollar industry.

  5. Fauci should be removed! He is not the person to be in this position. He lied and flip flopped on everything. He is the biggest reason why people that I know won't get vaccinated. He politicized himself by snickering while trump was talking and then yahoo biden kept him. This man's ego needs to be trimmed! He is a healtth danger to this country! Remove fauci

  6. I do not believe anything Fauci says!!! He is a political hack job! Who has skated on through his whole career. ( just like Biden actually.) How many people died from AIDS back in the day because our govt banned a vitamin that they needed! All to push their experimental drugs which were killing them! Kind of like banning talk about Hydroxychloraquin and Ivermectin but pushing that redemisver.( probably not spelled right) Because they could make money on a new one and not with therapeutics that have been around for decades. Our world revolves around the pharmacudical companies!!! Fauci knows that's things could be helping. But instead push the vaccine and lock downs. They are up to something!!

  7. It was Trump and his administration that pushed the anti mask. Every other country told the truth and stated we need the masks for health care workers

  8. Because the government officials dropped the ball and didn't have emergency supplies in stockpile we were pushed aside. Learn to take care of yourselves . No one is going to take care of you. Be responsible for yourself

  9. I have libtard friends who insisted we listen to Fauci when he said not to wear a mask and then a week later insisted we wear one when he said we must. What does that tell you?

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