Krystal and Saagar: Even CNN asks #WhereIsJoe

Krystal and Saagar: Even CNN asks #WhereIsJoe

Krystal and Saagar wonder why Joe Biden is still missing in action during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Probably out seeking young girls. Biden like all democrats are only in it for personal gain. The last thing they are concerned about is you. They are trying to pass a stimulus bill full of pork like unemployment benefits aimed at trying to raise minimum wages and funding for abortions and union benefits. Then the liberal media tries to put the blame on republicans. I am a registered democrat that will never vote for another democrat since watching the farce named Pelosi AND Schumer.

  2. Why isn't the exit polls in states like Massachusetts being questioned?? Everyone wants Medicare for all, no sense for voters to vote for Biden in the numbers reported. Not believable.

  3. How is it the dems insist on Joe when all the evidence in front of their faces, shows that Bernie is so much MORE and OFFERS so much MORE??? Is the threat of BERNIE's "change of plan" so bad that they will hand the country over to trump for "4 more" rather than give a little ground to the working class? It appears that the answer is yes…..

  4. I found much humor in Double Cherry's comment: "Vote Joe for Senator or basketball hoops and leotards and then he said, hold it there, and the wind was breezing thru our , ummmm…yes we can! You must not be smaryer than a 5th grader if you vote Biden or Bernie. LORD HELP US! #WalkAway

  5. Bernie is a leader who inspires with real policies that will improve American lives while Biden is hiding behind the curtains to prevent himself committing more blunders.

    The DNC and mainstream media has anointed Biden as their presumptive nominee. Biden will spectacularly fail. The man is an incompetent corporate shill and establishment tool who does the bidding of the elites at the expense of the American people.


  6. Corporations and Wall St. need NO MONEY! To do what? buy back their stock? You need people to spend money to revive the economy, If they have no money to spend what good is corporate welfare going to do. Just to pay bills will be impossible with nothing coming in.  $2000 a month to everyone making less that $100,000 and the corporations can pound sand

  7. In times of crisis people are looking for leadership to tell them things will be okay. It's literally the job Biden is currently running for yet he BAILS for 2 weeks when people would've needed him the most.

  8. Joe Biden interview tricks: Seven minutes. What state am I in ? She’s my sister or my wife? You want to do push ups man? Your a dog face pony soldier.
    If you don’t agree with me then go vote for Trump. China is no threat to us man. My time is up! ( debate trick).
    Trump 2020

  9. Are they gonna hide him if he won precidency because siriously this is dumb, in the middle of virus outbreak where your country need a leader voice, the candidate for presidency dissapears! There is no point for democrats keep insulting trump by saying "he makes thing worse with his speech" then do something about it, ask your candidacy to come out and calm the crowd. Jesus THIS IS THE GUY THAT GONNA BE PRESIDENT? He didnt even have a responsibility to calm his own nations

  10. 👎Sorry Joe Biden your to old to incompetent and to liberal to be my President. Besides I think you’re senile you can’t remember what state you are in when you’re campaigning. Go retire to Florida with crooked Hillary Clinton.

  11. Have the people that voted for him figured out that they made a foolish decision?
    Smart people can make a foolish decision. So, that's not an attack on them personally.
    Well, maybe it is.
    Just a little.
    I mean, look at that guy!
    HEe's going to Beat Donald Trump? And then be THE PRESIDENT for 4 years?
    If you think so…

    Now we're stuck with him.

  12. The irony of Rand Paul being the first senator to test positive, and to potentially spread it through his use of socialized gym equiptment, is too thick. I am surprised that anyone can mention his positive test without commenting on this irony.

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