Krystal and Saagar debate Bernie's immigration policy

Krystal and Saagar debate Bernie's immigration policy

Saagar Enjeti weighs in on Bernie Sanders’ final push ahead of Iowa.

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  1. Watched nearly my whole IT department get replaced by cheaper immigrant workers, then I was asked to train my replacement (also an immigrant) & I was gone. I was told, “hey, it’s just business”.

  2. So, let me get this straight: Saagar claims to support workers' rights, but he refused to support Bernie Sanders because of his immigration stance? Also, what's wrong with someone smoking weed? It's their body and they have a right to bodily autonomy.

  3. 408 people can't comprehend a conservative that has actual talking points instead of Venezuela and communism and yada yada yada and does research on his opposition

  4. What is a "reasonable" number of immigrants, Krystal? What is your actual basis for deciding this? It sounds like you just don't like any talk of restriction because right wingers support it.

  5. I like this show and Chanel but when I listen to them I can't help but think the left is utterly dead and the better route for intelligent lefties is to join the right wing nationalist movement articulated by Bannon (not the trump admin specifically) . At least there is a home there with a base of people who articulate these positions to protect America and protect workers.

    These types of leftists have no home in the Democratic party nor in the loudest voice voters. Most liberals are spoiled, privileged people who play identity politics and its only getting worse.

    I thought in 2016 things were shifting but it got way way worse when you saw all the sheep toe the line for Hillary and immortalize Obama

  6. Oh god. Democrat, Republican. We need an independent party to truly be a representative of free speech without the suppression from both parties.

    Edit: Because grammar and a few glasses of wine.

  7. The obvious solution is to ENFORCE the labor laws by prosecuting American companies that hire illegal immigrants. Hire more inspectors, Make the fines hurt.
    We’d see illegal immigration en masse dry up quickly. But of course the oligarchs won’t do that to their donors, so they blame the impoverished workers trying to feed their families.

  8. As many kids as they want? I call BS Sagar, the reason Corona is viral bcs of overpopulation. What about the USA creating refugees and asylum seekers with our effed up invasions and regime chnages?

  9. Medicare for all. Aloow refugee immigrants to contiinue. Get rid of social inequality. The problem with anerican workers is not immigrants. I agree with Ktistal. I don't support his views on immihrants. A lot of antiimmigrant sentiment is held by workers that don't want people who are different from them. Let's bury the welfare queen story and bury it with the idea that a conservative pundit can produce a successful show with a left leaning cohost. I sense some elitist atitudes from Saagar that he tries to support and defend by acting the concerned good guy. And theTucker Carlson guest spot was really against what I have been supporting for years. It is a fact that by criticizing Sanders, even though he doesn't support Biden which I don't either, he is guaranteeing a trump victory. I can't respect someone who plays the both sides game but in reality is for republicans.
    His choice is his right. I support socialism and that is my choice and I will defend it against all who are against it.

  10. You guys did not do justice to this topic at all. It's not about immigration causing low wages. This is more fundamental than that. Do we want to encourage illegal immigration? Do we want to discourage it? Do we want to encourage LEGAL immigration? Do we want to discourage LEGAL immigration? That's the fundamental issue. You guys did not address this at all. How important is enforcing immigration law? If it isn't important then advocate open borders and be done with it.

    I have to STRONGLY disagree with Krystal here. Krystal, if you really think there is no scarcity… then you should be encouraging open borders. Is that your position? You say we need to know who comes in… do we let them in or not? Who do we let in? Who do we not let in? Do those who get in by breaking the law get to stay?

    It makes zero sense to stop people from entering this country when they don't have a visa… and at the same time REWARD those that scammed the legal process. If you grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, then you are telling everyone following the legal process… waiting DECADES to enter this country… that they are CHUMPS! Why would anyone follow immigration law if the scammers are the ones that get rewarded?

    Here are the consequences of granting amnesty… you completely delegitimize the LEGAL immigration process and encourage more illegal immigration.

    Is illegal immigration (I include overstaying visas) something that should be encouraged? Should it be prevented? You want to reward the behavior we're trying to prevent, and punish the behavior we're trying to encourage… makes zero sense. It also villifies those that enforce immigration law. It tells those enforcing immigration laws that what they are doing is not really important… it's unfair to them for all this double talk to be going on. Tell them their jobs are worthless, and end the enforcement of immigration laws. You can't have it both ways.

    Those advocating for amnesty should bite the bullet and advocate open borders. That's a consistent position. But this double talk of rewarding illegal immigration and at the same time talking about enforcing borders is ridiculous.

  11. While admittedly Saagar seems to be well educated and well-spoken, he is wrong. And so is Krystal with regard to addressing the "structural" issues of our Economic System, and getting rid of the "mythology" of scarcity. Yes, it is indeed mythology. However, it is also the first fundamental cornerstone of Trade-based so-called "Free" Market Capitalism. every economic text and treatise begins with one sentence "Means and resources are scarce." The other three cornerstones upon which the structure and function of contemporary Market Capitalism rest is competition, exploitation, and self-interest, or domination. What depresses wages for low-skilled workers is Capitalism, as it does for high-skilled workers. This root socio-economic orientation of scarcity, competition, exploitation, and domination or self-interest is what our nation and the whole world is built upon. One cannot "get rid" of, or modify, or change any of the underlying foundational elements and still call it Capitalism or Free Market Capitalism or Market Economics. The ONLY way to actually make people's lives, our nation, and the entire world a better and more sustainable affair is to destroy and dismantle this archaic toxic oppressive and violent system based upon and functioning in response to the rules and dictates of Capitalism. Capitalism is killing us and the planet. I am convinced that we, the people, that is to say, Humanity have the intellectual capacity and ability to conceive of, develop, and implement and truly new, unique, and DIFFERENT economic model upon which to base our activities and culture on. "We are all one, and if we don't know it, we will learn the hard way." We actually have the means and capability to stop all this oppression and corrupt bullshit. But as long as we continue to venerate and worship the dogma expounded and defended by the dominant world religion – The Orthodox Church of Capitalism – or anything derived from it, we will have precisely what we have today regarding politics, health, education, bigotry, inequality, and pollution. Capitalism [this includes the common alternatives of Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc.] all are based upon the same root socio-economic orientation with slightly different social characteristics. But, I still like what you are doing. Good work. Thanks.

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