Krystal and Saagar: CNN, Adam Schiff Say RUSSIA Is Manipulating BLM

Krystal and Saagar: CNN, Adam Schiff Say RUSSIA Is Manipulating BLM

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  1. the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back…

    baral Obama towards mitten romney in 12 when mitt stated Russia was the greatest threat.

    so Jesus Obama scoffed at Russia being a threat and the last four years the dems have made them the red menace….

  2. More Black children have been shot in Chicago this year ..than all unarmed Black men shot by police in the entire USA 🇺🇸 …… BLM ignoring this makes the whole message a big joke

  3. "Russia" is no longer communist. The communist foreign country that is funding and supporting the Communist led BLM movement is China. FFS. Democrats, who are in bed with China, know this. They are lying, yet again.

  4. so, let's ask whites about blacks and now Krystal & Sagaar (non-blacks) are going to comment on this. Hmm! what group is not included in this conversation?????

  5. Krystal, Saagar, please stop using the word riots. They are protests. Riots is a right wing term used to describe any dissent from a righteous protest against a massively corrupt system where armed, thug agents of the state kill their own citizens

  6. What about Russia and Alex Jones? He has been known to be a Russian backed misinformation agent for years. It is no surprise that because of him and his supporters that we now have the makings of an authoritarian government here in America. I’m not saying that Russia is completely to blame for our recent social issues but you would have to be pretty naive to believe that they are not working to influence our elections and encourage social discord.

  7. Schiff hates the full truth. If you can send people to the moon, you can certainly take all the necessary steps, foreign and domestic, to secure your elections. CNN has no credibility as the right arm of the democratic party, instead of performing the role of a news agency.

  8. WAKE UP ! Over 4 years of ATTACKS on TRUMP by DEMOCRATS have FAILED every single time. The mountain of lies by Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff & the Fake News have shown the American Citizens that Trump is their leader. Republicans alone are on America’s side.

    Dems’ BLM / Antifa chant “death to America” WAKE UP ! 😝 NOT Russia !

  9. The HypoCrates are at it again, shifty out leading the charge "the russians are coming, the russians are coming!!!!" ….sad america is so filled folks who cannot see through this nonsence.

  10. Russia is egging on all third party participation. Anything to shift voters away from the Democrats. To the extent BLM is infected with far Leftie radicals trying to lure African Americans into their irrelevant political ghettoes, to that extent they are useful fools of Russia and Trump.

  11. This narrative is BS. The talk about influence from Iran and China was just invented to create a bogus equivalency of foreign interference for both Trump and Biden. There is no evidence of the sort that Biden has benefitted from Chinese or Iranian help as Trump has from Putin.

  12. Redbaiting is the projection of the fears of US establishment that their multigenerational dumbing-down of the general population has been so successful that the population will now believe whatever they see – specifically, after being screwed by both parties of the US government for so long, the general population will believe anything any anti-establishment voice tells them regardless of the source or the presence or otherwise of evidence to support their claims.
    After all, the US 'intelligence' in the Military has been creating false 'evidence' – not just for every recent illegal regime change war-for-profit, but for centuries going back at least to times before the 1853 US military 'Perry expedition' into Tokugawa Shogunate period Japan, and 1810s British/US invasions & smuggling of Indian opium into mainland China.

    That dumbing down has been achieved through:
    – defunding public education
    – prioritising states' rights to whittle away pro choice, secularism and continue jim crow,
    – dividing and conquering people (who would otherwise join together under a shared interest in their own common good against wealth inequality and class oppression and tyranny), through sowing division and deflection of blame onto a convenient powerless 'other'
    – the additional recent phenomenon of isolationist bubble amplification via social media.

  13. Research "The-Kalergi-Plan" [without the "-"] on BitChute[dot]com, and "plandemic", "ANC","Kabbala-Zionist-Freemason-Bolshevik"-connection. This is what they are doing and who is behind it all. It is a satanic insurrection.

  14. I've been seeing a lot and thinking a lot about BLM. This really great organization was been over taken by Chump, right wing media and white supremacists, outside agitators and their factions. So much so that supporters are now talking about them like they ARE rioters and looters. What I really believe is that BLM needs a re-birth. There is a need for another org to peel off from them, an org that initiates and supports lawsuits, using established lawyers, law students, other law professionals to execute lawsuits against Police and Police Unions, and other factions. BLM could also use volunteer videograhers at every peaceful protest to document just who is really starting the rioting and looting. Is this already being done? If so, I'm not aware of it. Maybe this could preserve/save BLM, which I think we badly need. There will always be a place for Peaceful Protesting and no org knows how to do it better than BLM.

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