Krystal and Saagar: Billionaires Collect TRILLIONS As Bottom Half Wages Plunge

Krystal and Saagar: Billionaires Collect TRILLIONS As Bottom Half Wages Plunge

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the Forbes 400 richest people list, and how billionaires profited from the recent economic downturn.

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  1. No one ever talks about the real problem in this Country. To many people having sex, bringing children into this world that they can't afford . They are led by the media, to believe the Gov't is going to take care of their medical bills, rent, and groceries. Don't get me wrong, I would tax these big shots to death. Can you guess why they don't pay big Corporate taxes?. Don't worry, the new Biden admin. is going to fix all this.

  2. The oligarchs rule this country. We have never been this free market they speak of. In fact without socialism we would not even have a modern society. Police ,fire departments, education system ,highway system , social security . And yes our military are all socialism.
    The oligarchs have captured the only control we had to keep them in check. Our government. Monopolies are the bread and butter of the oligarchs that own all the rules and have all the power in the game that we are all told to play.
    Our government has always picked the winners and losers in our system. The oligarchs own them and in turn they own us. Just remember when ever you hear to big to fail. That is just code for a monopoly. And in a real free market they can and should be allowed to fail so another and better group of companies can start up and take its place.

  3. He’s actually a very bad business strategy to cater to the rich richer stingy and expect a lot for a little because they feel entitled the working class and the poor actually will spend more money perfect sample so somebody a very expensive cell phone in the 80s on the thousand people could afford or sell them hundreds of millions of cell phones to a bunch of regular people at a regular price which one do you think made more money

  4. The rich will pay soon. Yea when this shit really gets crazy. Yea we the poor are coming for the rich. Yall was worried about the races fighting….lol yall for got this is about rich n poor.

  5. They don’t elect politicians who represent their interests. Do they really think Louis 16s and Marie Antoinettes would fight for their rights? 18th century French peasants knew better.

  6. Great content, but the title was not borne out by the facts delivered. The title ended with "as bottom half wages plunge". I enjoyed the facts about the "billionaires collect trillions", but it is tough to share this clip if the the second statement "bottom half wages plunge" isn't supported with equal facts. Please don't mirror standard media by having titles that don't accurately summarize your content. Again, I agree with your stance. I am concerned about the accuracy of this title. Please keep up the good work. The Press is the 4th branch of Government.

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