Krystal and Saagar: Biden's deplorables 2.0 Hillary strategy puts everything in Trump's hands

Krystal and Saagar: Biden's deplorables 2.0 Hillary strategy puts everything in Trump's hands

Krystal and Saagar discuss Democrat’s Hillary Clinton 2.0 candidate in Joe Biden, discuss election turn out among young voters.

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  1. Wow. After seeing the Time magazine article do you still feel like us Trumpers were wrong in claiming election fraud? Have you watched Mike Lindell’s movie? The joke is on you both.

  2. For more than four years I’ve found it difficult to imagine tRump as President of the United States. Trump makes toadstools and dust-bunnies look presidential.

  3. I show my Children a picture of the Biden’s and tell them that criminals come in all shapes and sizes so don’t judge a book by its cover. Yes even a Black President like Obama can be a criminal and their wives,the mother of they’re Children can be just as guilty. This is when I teach them about guilt by association.

  4. “The kids” aren’t worried about coronavirus. Try and get your kid to wear a damn mask in public, and stop touching stuff with their hands! Kids want your cellphone! Joe, you don’t know shit about kids except what their hair smells like. We don’t need your long winded pointless lectures about nothing.

  5. Joe Biden really resonates with senile people. They would vote for him but can they even remember Joe's name when they can't remember their own?

    How do you not run for president, you do not tell your audience that you are running for Senate! You don't discuss your leg hair. Joe Biden is creepy.

    The scandals which the news Media ignored will come out because Biden is running and it will give Trump the ability to expose what went on under Obama. How can you make selling our uranium to Russia and how is that being hard on Russia or giving millions to the terrorist state of Iran. This is what Joe saw Obama doing and he was a cheering squad for actions which were definitely not in America's best interest.

    Joe Biden wanted to invoke the Logan Act on Trump and he wanted to see a sitting president unseated, in other words, why would America want to vote for the people who were persecuted America's choice for president?

    Hillary for Prison, all Trump needs to do is to change the name: Biden for Prison.

    Can you imagine life under Biden, it would be the greatest witch hunt in history against every patriot in this Nation, like under Obama where the IRS was weaponized, expect to see abuse of power on steroids. Goodbye freedom.

  6. If you are a Biden supporter the problem is its a guarantee that he will have at least 3-5 more of these gaffes before November. He's always had these moments. Question is will they be on par with saying blacks ain't black if they don't vote for him, or worse?

  7. Hahahah 'he doesn't take responsibility'.

    This basically encapsulates the perspective of the left. Government above all. Or to quote Mussolini.. everything inside the state, nothing outside the state.

    Trump is actually the first president I've heard IN MY LIFETIME that at least occasionally pays respect to the 10th amendment. I wish he did it ALL the time, but I'll take any little nuggets of pro-liberty motion that I can get from ANY national politician.

  8. Biden is the textbook definition of useless. The left knows this as well. A crazy leftist said, if Biden boiled and ate babies she still would vote for him just to get rid of Trump. What has Trump ever done as horrific as that? Nothing the left has accused him of comes close to that in pure evil. It's clear the left doesn't recognize evil, yet they lecture.

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