Krystal and Saagar: Biden REFUSES to debate Trump more than 3 times

Krystal and Saagar: Biden REFUSES to debate Trump more than 3 times

Krystal and Saagar discuss Joe Biden’s commitment to participate in three debates with Donald Trump and evaluate Biden’s potential VP candidates.

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    1. Let Sleepy Joe debate from his favorite place, his basement, citing an unusual spike in Covid-19 cases in Cleveland.
    2. Allow Sleepy Joe the use of a teleprompter, like he's used to but hasn't quite mastered.
    3. Allow Sleepy Joe an ear piece so that the Dems can feed him the answers to the debate questions.
    4. Narrow the scope of questions that the moderator is allowed to ask Sleepy Joe, IE: What is it that you dislike about President Trump? No policy questions.
    5. Require the moderator to use a "mail-in-ballot" to submit the questions to Sleepy Joe so that the Dems, I mean Sleepy Joe can answer.
    6. Allow Sleepy Joe the ability to pick questions from Democrat plants in the audience.
    7. Allow Sleepy Joe three "do-overs" to change the answers if he gets it wrong or has a senior moment.
    8. Limit the length of the debate to 1 question or 5 minutes, which ever comes first.
    9. The Dems will claim that Sleepy Joe can't debate president Trump because he has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and has to self-quarantine for 2 months, Dr. Fauci's orders.
    10. Sleepy Joe will claim that he forgot he had a debate, or that he overslept and blame his alarm clock.
    11. Sleepy Joe will show up for the first debate in Miami instead of Cleveland and then claim that the moderators "switched up the debate sites on him."
    12. The Dems will ask to cancel the debates claiming that the latest polls show that America doesn't want a debate.
    13. The Dems will ask to cancel the debates citing that Russia is trying to hack the debates in favor of president Trump.
    14. The Dems will demand changing the format of the debate and mandate the moderator text his questions to 30330.

  2. This video is so bias BS. Everybody knows the reason Trump wanted another debate what's so that people could watch Joe choke before they mailed in any ballot. The only reason he wanted a fourth debate or to have the first debate moved up what's so that people could see Joe Biden choke before they cast any votes. As it sets now most likely somebody is going to reach over and turn off Joe's teleprompter and then watch him lose his f**** mind and at that point anybody who voted for Joe is going to wish they could have got their f**** ballot back from the post office. Cuz it's plain and simple they're hiding Joe cuz he senile. He can't answer questions all I can do is read from a teleprompter. If they do a live person-to-person debate the way they should he's going to get exposed. And then he's going to lose

  3. I think Biden can come to the "debates" and do what Trump did to Hillary: Bring Stormy Daniels, the 5 guys in New York framed of raping  a woman (Trump said they should be killed, has not apologized, he never does), etc., read Trump quotes about Kim Jong-Un (love letters), a list of all his lies and just read them after he Trump talks. It will be hilarious. The "debates" will not change anyone's minds. The atrocities (separated children from parents FOREVER, no DNA, no names, NOTHING saved to re-unite them), the cruel neglect of pandemic (a hoax, but he takes hydroxychloroquine), dead soldiers are suckers and losers, multitrillion dollars tax cut for the very rich, etc. Maybe not even talk, just peel off a series of cue cards with words, like "Virus It will go away by April".  People will laugh and laugh and they will vote him out. VOTE and VOTE EARLY!

  4. What a flippen Joke: Pelosi. We all know Pedro Joey Biden is brain-dead. He will debate or his name will be taken of the ballots. I AM requiring 3 debates. You can't get to be the President of the U.S. without debates. Also, after the election, Chucki, Schiffty and Nasty Nancy have a date to CAMP JUSTICE for your Coup attempts on Trump! – Lord of the Net.

  5. Who is going to debate a 5yrs old orange boy who don’t even know what he is talking about, he do not know how to respect uneducated and unprofessional. Trump is disgrace to humanity I would not debate him nor talk to him.

  6. does this network not know how it works? u have u ever seen a president and a nominee do a debate that whats sanctioned?? either he dum as hell, or ur trying to.. ohhh…

  7. I’ll bet the debates will not be done together. Biden will be in his basement and the debates will be released about a week after they are done. You should talk to people who tried to get in to see Trump. The people who run the city put guards there and would not allow thousands of people in. So no use unless he does it outdoors as they won’t let the people in. Why don’t you try to be honest when it comes to Trump

  8. It doesn't need to be a woman of color just to have a woman a color. If the person's right then pick that person for VP. That's why I can't take Dems seriously. virtue signally is annoying.

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