Krystal and Saagar: Biden overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania Vote Count

Krystal and Saagar: Biden overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania Vote Count

Democratic nominee Joe Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania just before 9 a.m. Friday morning, moving him closer to defeating President Trump in the race for the White House.
Biden took a lead of 5,587 votes as ballots from Philadelphia were counted.
The development came hours after Biden also eclipsed Trump for the lead in Georgia. Trump would need to win both states in order to win reelection.


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  1. When America falls you are going down with your boots on. You started out being a beckon of light to the fake news media, but it was only a disguise for your agenda, now you are showing your true colors which is called ‘nasty’
    I hope you are paid good for your mischief.

  2. Now Agnda 21, the great reset for the new world order can take course since Joe Biden will not bring any obstacles leading to destroy US history, the constitution and little by little bring the aUS to become a socialist country.
    CIA, FBI and people behind the realization of destroying democracy have done the job electing Joe Biden through fraud. EU and China are happy…..

  3. Prediction: Saagar leaves the Hill to work for Donald's new network and exclusive state sponsored media network pushing for his 2024 run.

    He's so crushed by this, lol

  4. Try to understand how awful the DNC is as an organization. Imagine the Kansas City Chiefs, the Superbowl Champs, struggling to beat a high school golf team for the national football championship. This hard won victory comes only, of course, after losing to that team in the last championship. Absolutely pathetic. That can't be the best person for POTUS out of all the American citizens that are eligible. What if we just went without a POTUS for a while?

  5. Trump had a 700k lead and then they stopped counting (along with 5 other states). The Supreme Court has ordered the state to separate ballots that arrived after 8pm since state law stated no ballot was to be allowed , but for some reason the state supreme court extended for 3 days. So, once SCROTUS gets involved, I expect Trump to win the state.

  6. trump's votes increased by ~7million over 2016…but Biden has increased by 9million over Hillary, so drop the nonsense about trump increasing in popularity…he lost by an even bigger popular vote margin…voters just turned out bigger overall…math, yo!

  7. It's all starting to become very clear about Covid 19. Biden and the rest of the Democrats knew firsthand they could never beat Trump. With Biden's connections in China that are still very much alive helped manufacturing a disease and ship it to the USA by way of people. So that it would take down this Country along with Trump presidency. There are people inside the Democratic Party that have allowed this deadly disease to be pushed across the country by way of China travel. There's need to be a massive investigation into the deliberate attack of our Country and our democracy by the Liberal Democrats. All the while using the media networks as well as the FBI CIA and NSA to help push their agenda. This is just how dangerous liberal Democrats have become that they are willing to have people poisoned with a Virus on which they had been immune from. All in order to take down our democracy for profit by big tech wealthy individuals that have prospered massively under Trumps tax cuts. The Covid 19 is a tournament to murder of more than 200,000 people. By the very people in the China CCP and Liberal Democratic party that promoted it!

  8. I think the big-picture lesson we can all see from this is, whether or not you support Trump, you have to admit he is a bully. He exhibits all the patterns of bullying behavior. And it is tremendously upsetting that the media, the associated press, etc. has caved in so much to pressure from a bully.

  9. GUys we got ELECTION DAY POLL workers coming out saying that they were asked to mishandle the votes and basically commit illegal things while they were counting the polls this presidential election….y'all we got people saying that their mail-in votes were stolen from them and they couldn't even vote. We got people saying that they could not even observe the counting and card board boxes were put on the windows to not allow people to check if they were doing their job right. This is MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD to make Joe Biden seem like he won when he clearly loss big time. TRUMP IS THE RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT!!!! Stand with TRUMP,, don't let them commit this fraud right before your eyes on national televsion

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