Krystal and Saagar: Biden AGAIN willing to risk voters lives to win

Krystal and Saagar: Biden AGAIN willing to risk voters lives to win

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss the delayed Dem Convention, and blasts Wisconsin, as the state plans to still hold its elections on Tuesday, putting thousands of clerks and poll workers at risk.

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  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, The Rising have turned the cringe back factor up to MSNBC.
    I guess Sagaar votes for Mail-in then? No? What a surprise.
    I understand you are given your lines by management for each segment.

  2. Biden will win. These people are still salty Bernie lost. Get over it

    This channel is super biased. Complete trash. Notice you can’t even report their videos. Go to their social media to report them.

  3. Bernie Sanders got robbed again, DNC prefer to loose to Trump by making Sleepy Dementia Joe candidate than put Bernie!
    Shame on DNC! Biden has ZERO chance against Trump!

  4. I disagree with the two panelists her. You don't change the rules of how to vote for this virus. They are wrong. If you let virtual voting become a part of the election process, then that is just a potential for voter fraud.
    I am not voting for Joe Biden, but I agree with him on this. The panelists are simply wrong here.

  5. "Biden again willing to risk voters lives to win" Isn't that the "LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WAY" Democrats for decades and decades have never given a rats ass for their constituents, nothing has changed, except there blatant way they are doing it today because they know that their people will go out in droves and stupidly vote the same asses in again…..

  6. Biden is a spineless dangerous fool. People were infected, spread the infection., and deaths are occurring because it due to the last several primary he insisted people go vote.

  7. Saagar is on shaky ground by talking about GWB being "re-elected" in 2004. Just because John "Foldy McGivesup" Kerry let the cheating in Ohio pass unchallenged doesn't mean that Kenneth "Mr." Blackwell didn't put a HUGE thumb on the scales.

  8. So I've only seen about 3 videos of your guys and it's clear you're just mouthpieces for the bernie babies campaign. Also why are you talking about in-person voting when clearly you two are not following CDC guidelines on social distancing. What are you two doing in the studio sitting right beside each other? What a bunch of hypocrites. But then again, what would you expect from bernie babies?

  9. You are being too easy on Bernie. I heard you read his statement. What he did say is he encourages them to delay the vote. What he did not say is "if they do not delay the vote I strongly encourage everyone to stay home anyway."

  10. People can die traveling to vote for God's sake. Every new day people die. A person can be run over by a voter on the way home from voting. Get off the f*cking outrage because people MIGHT die!! Coronavirus infection is not the only cause of death. Hell, death caused by hospital errors is the leading cause of death. Can we have some perspective, PLEASE!!!!

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