Krystal and Saagar: Amazon Union Vote FAILS, Here's Everything That Went Wrong

Krystal and Saagar: Amazon Union Vote FAILS, Here's Everything That Went Wrong

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti break down the Amazon workers’ union election results.

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  1. Wow Krystal is so off on this one. Bessemer is a city suburb in the greater Birmingham- hoover metro area of over 1.5 million people. It has plenty of 15 dollar a hour jobs with in short distances plus 15 a hour in Alabama isnt that bad of pay yet she ignored regiobal economics.

  2. Corporations could learn a lot from the failure of the Amazon strike. If they would get behind a $15 minimum wage, no union would have a chance. Imagine how much they'd save in headaches and benefits if they didn't pay us so little and treat us so badly that were willing to ** in bags for 15 bucks an hour.

  3. “You have very little options in this town other than amazon”

    Uh. Moving isn’t an option? Americans have been doing that for 250 years. It’s never been cheaper, safer, or easier. Yet now it’s so out of the question?

  4. Weird. Could have sworn that it was union contracts and pensions that have sunk the economies of the states of Illinois, NY, California, not to mention nearly every large metro center in the country, etc.

  5. The main problem with unions is the leadership is often times garbage but get paid very well…AND most unions donate to politicians. Often Democrats. So, say I'm on the right. You take dues from me and then donate to mostly democrats. That should be illegal.

  6. Always interesting watching crystal and saagar twist into knots to explain why the American worker continues to vote against themselves…. not their fault tho… structural reasons for ignorance…

  7. to listen to you talk one would think that unions are the end all be all of labor. Believe it or not there are some of us who despise unions, especially trade unions (carpenters, electricians and the like) as a Carpenter I will never go union, their work is not better and sometimes worse, their prices are double and sometimes triple what a non union shop would charge and all so the head of the union can drive an Escalade. No thanks.

  8. Amazon isn’t supposed to shop for the cheapest labor? What business does? What person does? What does Amazon owe Alabama or anyone in Alabama.

    It’s smart not to drive a business out of your area. Especially if it’s a low income area.

    What the heck is wrong with you morons?!

  9. Good, unions in America are nothing more than a ponzi scheme, contructed to benefit mainly the leaders of the unions while they push for non-related "social justice" bull** and spend their membership money donating to polititians.

  10. The thing what "some" people dont get, is that unions are like lawyers.
    You pay them and they are fighting for your rights.

    They are not an evil obstacle who want to put your company down.

  11. It's a lost election. Period. Don't defend the loss by blaming Amazon. Reason for loss is simple. Majority of the employees are not interested in the union. They felt that there are not enough benefits in the union. This scenario could change in future. But for now accept it and move on…

  12. The PRO act would be a disaster for global competitiveness and they would lose in court trying to remove ‘Right to Work’ from the state level.

  13. Here's the problem. Min. wage in Alabama is $7.25/hr. Food servers $2.13 Amazons $15 /hr. is difficult to come by. Corporate lies and intimidation are scary. Better the devil you know….

  14. Unionizing is never the answer too many problems. We need profit sharing based on performance. It makes people work and they are rewarded . Way better than Unions you can have your own retirement ,healthcare plans , because you are paid enough to afford that choice. Expecting some company to provide is on it's way out. With Robots Amazon will still need people to program and maintain Robots.

  15. In the 1930's, union organizers did exactly what was needed at Bessemer. Organizers patiently went met people door-to-door and gone to the churches to persuade workers. (Where did the Civil Rights movements get started?). Personal rights and dignity were emphasized. Union organizing drives these days operate like it is in the North in the 1960's where and when union rights and benefits were a given. Why don't they operate like it's the 1930's?

  16. One on one deep conversations is the best way to truly garner support. Short cuts usually don't work. One on one changes the culture. Changing the culture makes changing everything else easier.

  17. We have 2 main grocery store chains here in western mass, Bid Y and Stop N Shop one is unionized one isnt. One pays their employees better and offers more opportunities for advancement within the company the other doesn't. Big Y is not unionized and is the one that offers better pay and advancement and their customer service is much better than Stop N Shop which is unionized is more expensive and the service sucks and you see the same employees in the same position for 10 years.

  18. Amazon pays less than the industry standard, for similar warehouse work with less benefits. They trash the wages for wherever they go. Just like Wal-Mart drove down the standard wages of retail work. Both of them trash small business by driving down average wages and prices. Becoming the primary employer in communities all over the country. Adding to the declining purchase power of average working American's. If congress wont protect workers rights… We need to elect new people and hold them accountable.

  19. I was in a union for 5 years in WA. I am now in SC. The company is going to do what they can, of course, to prevent the union from coming into the company. I know, the company I work for did.

    What happens during the time the union is trying to get in is Bacally misinformation about the union. Also the union can't say what they can offer because that gets negotiated after the union gets in. I don't think people understand that. They assume there's a contract already typed up and agreed upon. That's not how it works.

    The contract is based on feedback on company policies, company benefits and so on. Conversations between employees, employers and unions reps will pretty much discuss and hit on the most important issues.

    If the union does not approach employees on how the union works and how contracts are agreed upon, basically educating folks, then people will not know what a union is about and will see them as useless.

    The union can only do so much and have but so many people that can help. Unions do not have deep pockets. If a strategy was designed that can enlighten employees ahead of time such as sending out mail, flyers, email with updates and educational data of the union then you will see the employee will have time to study the information and share it. But don't do it 2 months before a vote. This has to be done on a regular bases.

    My opinion

  20. Just terrible, all those poor people. Just terrible. Ok time to invest in AMZN in order to get me some of that sweet despair profits. (seriously everyone that still has AMZN stock is now complicit in everything they are doing)

  21. To bad Amazon workers don’t realize how bad we need tradesmen and women in America. It’s almost like they could all quit and put the hurt on Amazon while getting a better high paying job. Almost like people have no negotiation skills.

  22. Let me start by saying that I am no fan of Amazon’. Too big and too cutthroat for me. With that said, this story can be summed up in one sentence, Amazon isn’t mistreating their employees enough to require a union.
    And don’t kid yourself, unions are far from benevolent entities.

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