Krystal and Rachel: STUNNING Progressive Win Sends SHOCKWAVES Through Dem Party. AOC On Sidelines

Krystal and Rachel: STUNNING Progressive Win Sends SHOCKWAVES Through Dem Party. AOC On Sidelines

Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard discuss the results of Tuesday’s primary and the implications they will have come November.

Following the recording of this segment, The Associated Press called the race in Michigan’s 13th District. Incumbent, Rashida Tlaib won 66 percent of the votes cast, with 87 percent of precincts reporting.

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  1. Great job St. Louis!! We need this all over the country! These establishment representatives only care about their rich donors and lobbyists, we need real ppl that work for the real ppl not corporations!!

  2. She cant wear that shirt. That word is associated with Confederacy. It was a derogatory term used against Southern Americans by the North. It is discriminatory.

  3. Around a dozen or more justice democrats are set to probably be in Congress in 2021. It’s going to be incredible. There’s starting to be so many of them that the Democratic caucus in the house will need the support of the Justice Democrats to pass legislation

  4. The latest darling of the so-called progressives. Haven't we been down this road before? How long before she caves in like AOC, et al? If she's the real deal she will have to prove it when times get tough and over the long haul. Until then I am sitting on my hands, wary of the shiny new political correct savior.

  5. She lost me when she said Micheal Brown was murdered. She knows (or should know) the evidence shows he was not murdered. I think the establishment should be shook up severely but if she is going to ignore facts and nuance I think she is just agenda driven and not all American People driven. And that ultimately is what the establishment does.

  6. As Kyle often points out on his show when it happens, it's almost as if when you put most popular left-wing proposals up to voters to decide on, they'll end up passing… With 69% of people nationwide supporting M4A, makes sense to keep seeing Medicaid expansion being voted in. With 60%+ of people wanting legal weed, makes sense to keep seeing it passed when on the ballot. When 80%+ of people want to raise the minimum wage…

  7. I really appreciate that these two women with opposing views on politics and government are so good at being courteous and respectful toward one another while still expressing their opinions. I wish more news was like this.

  8. CBC is so heavily seniority driven this matters even more, an older generation of black leaders are being challenged by a new generation that is not just going to wait for them to just die.

  9. Cori Booker unseats long standing::.:.. Sound familiar? Let's avoid excitement and see what she actually DOES! AOC is literally a pro war, pro corporate "progressive" "justice" "democrat". Wrap your head around how easily it is to talk left while walking right.

  10. Part of the reason AOC didn't endorse anyone in this race is because she didn't want the CBC to unite against her. Lacy Clay Jr. is a well respected member of the CBC and his father was one of the founding members. I disagree with her choice to not endorse, but it's not just that Lacy Clay Jr. backed the green new deal or that they serve on some of the same committees.

  11. "Normal people still have a voice." This rubs me the wrong way on two levels. For one, it suggests a reality that those in power largely do not represent normal people. Which is true.

    But it also discredits that she won despite being a normal person, not because normal people "still" have a voice. Voter suppression, big money corporate backers, and archaic voting infrastructure is still in full swing.

    No, we don't still have a voice. We are still clawing our way through bullshit to be heard, and sometimes someone makes it through the shit.

  12. Communism is not good. Who are these ignorant talking head so called journalists? Do you think the worst democrat policies that decimated these communities, that replacing them with a worse candidate is some kind of improvement?

  13. If just USA citizens realize for how long politicians being in power, is like UK parlament for live and beyond, the longest they stay the longest they feel they walk away with crime and corruption

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