Krystal and Rachel: No Deal In Sight And Trump ABSENT As 30 Million Go Hungry

Krystal and Rachel: No Deal In Sight And Trump ABSENT As 30 Million Go Hungry

Krystal Ball and Rachel Bovard discuss Lindsey Graham’s plans to introduce an amendment on unemployment.

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  1. How about this! We just give every corporation 3 years worth of gross income so their stocks don't fall and for the everyday people we just ignore them. Then we can just see an end to this whole system.

  2. Senior citizens (age 62+) know all about government money paying their rent. Most older workers, back then, suffered horrendous unemployment starting in the 1990's as unemployment increased for all age groups – with employers completely "washing their hands" of anybody 50 years of age and older. Unable to pay into SS (from their now ended paychecks) and going for years at a time with no unemployment benefits – which also would have paid into SS (but didn't – because the unemployment benefits dry up after only 6 months), their SS account benefit balance was not generating enough "work credits" so that when they reached retirement age (62), their social security benefit check were averaging only $400 monthly – which was not even enough for a studio apartment. So, to prevent 40 million seniors from flooding homeless shelters and federal low rent senior housing, the government, in the 1990's, instituted a Social Security Supplemental Benefit for these oldsters. It pays out an extra $300 to $400 monthly – pushing up the combined regular and supplemental benefit to between $700 and $800 monthly – which is just enough to pay for a one-bedroom apartment and, maybe, the utility bills. Groceries could then be purchased with $200 a month food stamps with a state-issued bus pass to make the trips to and from stores.

  3. Krystal, I'm surprised and dismayed that you said the payroll tax cut could be a possibility. Are you distracted by the latest "shiney object," the $600 a week that Trump and the Republicans hope will distract people. The $600 is only temporary, what Republicans want is something permanent, to abolish Social Security with the payroll tax cut, and eventually Medicare, and disability programs. The diversion and teasing that Trump is doing with these TEMPORARY and UNREALISTIC UI benefits is a trick by Trump and Republicans and nothing but a shell game. You've seen shell games, where the coveted object is concealed under a cup, but then several identical cups are switched around by slight of hand by a stage performer, and you have to keep track of which cup covers the coveted item.
    This extra unemployment insurance money (the $600) issue in Stimulus Act negotiations is but a Trojan Horse because Trump and the Republicans' actual goal is to DEFUND Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, and Medicare, and also disability programs–the things that the payroll tax pays for. So they want people to get comfortable and unsuspecting of Republican intentions by putting this huge amount of UI money out there RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION. Then they yank it away, and hold it out in a teasing way to people who are in desperate need in order for Republicans to get the payroll tax cut! I hope the people on UI get an extension, but they should be aware of Trump's actual intention–which is emphatically NOT to help people in this crisis. The $600 a week is only temporary, and it's unrealistic, and too good to be true, and Republicans want us to give up something that is permanent. The $600 is more money than people had made originally at their jobs working full time. So it would be stupid for the public to fall for this latest shiney object–like the Indians fell for the deal of selling Manhattan Island in exchange for some trinkets and shiney jewelery.
    And, ever since, people have been laughing at the Indians who sold Manhattan Island for a mere $24 worth of junk. How Trump and Republicans are trying to fool us and must laugh at the possibility that people would be naive enough to take this. Republicans think we're like the child, who when asked which coin was worth more, the coin they wanted, was the nickel and not the dime, just because the nickel looked "bigger."
    So this holding out of the UI extension is Trump's/Republicans way of taking people's attention off of the menace of what Trump/Republicans REALLY want, that is, the payroll tax cut/ "holiday" and/or The Trust Act. The dismantling of Social Security has been the jewel in the crown of Republican greediness since Reagan.

  4. Unfortunately this is the result when you elect divorce lawyers to the congress to represent you? . Showmanship and smoke and mirrors? If you ever been through divorce, you know what I’m talking about? Keep the clients snowed and believing you are in their team? But in fact they are on the same team! Come on sheeple neither party are on our team? There’s them and then there’s us! The reality is the us is doomed! The coin shortage is a red flag. They are confiscating real value ie metals and are transitioning to electronic banking only. The beginning of an one world currency? You’re not worried okay? . You’re a republican or Democrat or you don’t follow the leaders turn off mr Jones funds? In addition hacking and power down scenarios legitimate concerns! Keep your eyes closed people’s maybe it will just go away?

  5. Just when I decide not to watch Rising again comes Rachel Bovard, she is so much better than Saggar, so I am back. When Saggars is back, I will be gone again. Thank you Rachel.

  6. Fake news! Trump was saying he would do executive action to go around deadlock. It’s democrats not compromising! They want the government to bail out their debt ridden states which were already bankrupt BEFORE the virus. That has nothing to do with the virus. Stop spreading fake news!

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