Kansas delegation differs on whether to approve Joe Biden as president

Kansas delegation differs on whether to approve Joe Biden as president

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Congressional members are choosing different paths on whether they will vote to approve Joe Biden as the next president on Wednesday.

Four of the six lawmakers said they will not vote to certify the Electoral College results.

That includes Senator Roger Marshall, and Representatives Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, and Ron Estes.

“It’s just the volume of the number of irregularities. Even if all those votes were excluded, I don’t know if it would ever change the outcome of the election and this whole process isn’t an attempt, at least in what Congress can do, to change the outcome of the election,” Estes said about why he is voting no.

He said the way state didn’t follow election laws concerns him, and that they should be able to reconsider the electors that were chosen.

“If you change rules on the fly, obviously it has impacts on some people differently than it has impacts on others. So I think the resolution would be is that the state legislatures pick a process to do that, and different states may choose a different process. One state may say they should do a revote, another state may say, well we’ll just select electors from the legislature in the state,” Estes said.

He said that that objecting to the results isn’t playing politics.

“Most of the states that we’ve seen an issue with were states, the electors that were sent, we’re pledged to Joe Biden, but there are also questions about the state of North Carolina,” said Estes. “Anytime you do something like this, you have to be careful because it could very rapidly devolve into a political position.”

No Democrats have said they will object to the results.

“I just think it’s the worst case of political drama that could be, and I think it’s just an embarrassment for us as Kansans,” Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt said.

“They have not been able to bring up any concrete evidence to all of these allegations, and it’s amazing to hear as you watch TV and you watch the news, well there are allegations to this. Well allegations don’t mean anything unless you have evidence,” she said.

Senator Jerry Moran and Representative Sharice Davids said they will certify results.

The lawmakers released these statements.

“The American people voted in record numbers this past election – and they selected Joe Biden to be their next President. The efforts by some members to overturn those results not only undermine our democratic republic – they ignore the will of the American people and threaten people’s confidence in our electoral system, the foundation of our democracy. Not to mention, this is all an extraordinary waste of time that should be spent helping people get the relief they need during this pandemic. It is time for us to turn the page and heal, just as we have so many times before, by continuing with a peaceful transfer of power.”

Rep. Sharice Davids

Senator Moran said the following.

“I am a conservative Republican. Therefore, I must strictly adhere to the United States Constitution. The Constitution clearly limits the role of Congress with respect to presidential elections to the counting of electoral votes that have been certified by the states. The states, consistent with the principles of federalism and a limited national government, possess the sole authority to determine and submit their electors. To vote to reject these state-certified electoral votes would be to act outside the bounds of the Constitution, which I will not do.

“President Trump had every right under the Constitution to challenge the results of the election in the courts, and I publicly supported his right to do so given the allegations and reports of irregularities and fraud. But in every instance, the judgments were clear, and no judge or Supreme Court justice – including those appointed by President Trump – determined there was evidence sufficient to change the results of the election.

“Support of the institutions and legal processes established in the Constitution by those who founded this exceptional American Republic are necessary to preserve our most cherished American values. Voting to object to the electoral process without a constitutional basis to do so may be expedient and lead to short-term political benefits for some, but would risk undermining our democracy – which is built upon the rule of law and separation of powers. No victory for one’s cause today can be worth what we would lose tomorrow.”

Sen. Jerry Moran

A joint session of Congress will count the Electoral College votes at noon, CST, on Wednesday.

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