JUST IN: President Biden Gives Speech On Omicron Variant, New Plans For Rapid Testing

JUST IN: President Biden Gives Speech On Omicron Variant, New Plans For Rapid Testing

President Biden on Tuesday sought to strike a balance between reassuring Americans about the coming wave of omicron infections, but also to once again try to persuade the public to take precautions.

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  1. That's just them tyrannical immigrant public servants they fight for lockdowns and mandates because they don't like our Constitution of The United States of America and our freedoms that WE fought for they just used us to get refuge asylum and opportunities Smh In God We Trust in Science they trust

  2. I am really curious about this gigantic push for every single person to get a needle. What's going on? Some people just don't get sick from it others do and there's different treatments. What is the biggest agenda here?

  3. Yeah, we are going to do EXACTLY as you say, because you have SUCH a proven track record of telling the truth. 🤥 You are like the first person from whom I would ever take medical advice. 🤔

  4. I’d love to see the dislikes on this video! I’m sure it would be over 100 -1 against gooflus biden magoo! Unfortunately big brother (YouTube gestapo) killed the dislike option!

  5. Our "patriotic duty" is to protect the freedom of all Americans, including the ones who don't want a vaccine that does not make immunity. Vaccinated are spreading this virus as you confirmed and we can see. So forcing mandates, punitive measures to those who don't want it make no sense. These freedoms, to work, to move in the world are not to be given out, they are to be protected.

  6. Also I think it’s funny that after increasing gas prices by $1.50, he wants an atta-boy for lowering gas prices $0.12? That’s still a $1.38 increase.

  7. I don’t like Joe Biden. I don’t like the Democratic party. I don’t believe that the value of natural immunity, the culpability of Fauci/the NIH, nor the legality of laws has been sufficiently addressed by Biden. However, I support Joe Biden giving credit to the prior administration for what they were able to accomplish (and so quickly!) and the call for unity.

  8. Be back in a minute I'm going to smoke my 20 th cigarette today. Thanks for distribution. And most of all thanks for caring about saving our lives🥰😜🙃

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