JUST IN: D.C. Mayor Declares State Of Emergency, Reinstates City-Wide Mask Order

JUST IN: D.C. Mayor Declares State Of Emergency, Reinstates City-Wide Mask Order

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Monday announced a state of emergency in the nation’s capitol and the return of a city-wide mask mandate during a press conference about the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Do you think you can out last the virus, its not going away. Relax the 54 protein changes means its starting to tear itself apart. All the little viruses latching on are starting to rip it apart like always have. Besides its doing what it was meant to do, what it was created to do, why fighting it you can't win so just face it. You need to get sick to be well, why we have a immune system. Test will not tell you anything other than what is going on at that moment.

  2. I hope the impending crimes against humanity trials come fast with quick verdicts. So much clear evidence. All the perpetrators are on video, like this.

  3. The Corporate Comunist Democrat Government Always In A State Of Emergency < Democrats Need To Get Over There Attempts To Take Possession Of The American Population & Democracy < Your Not Entitled To Declare A State Of Emergency To Maintain Your Bad Corporate News & Entertainment TV Threat Physichology < Remember The Chinese Comunist Government Invented This Covid Virus Day 2 Day Lifestyle Trapp ⚕😷😷😷🗳👈😷😷🛂💉💉💉 Did Democrats Sell There Souls To Comunist > Hope Your Not That Lame <

  4. The Government knows that this is the only chance they got to take our Constitutional Rights! We can't let public servants control The American people. They are supposed to work for the people!

  5. No it's not people who are not vaccinated. It's people who are overweight and need help in other areas. The human species was born with an immune system. Please let it do its job, and leave us alone with your vaccines.

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