John Bel Edwards vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

John Bel Edwards vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Can the Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards overcome President Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. How the map would look:
    HRC lost the rust belt because she was too conservative so John Bel Edwards would lose because he is even more conservative than her, and he cant appeal to blacks, women or latinos.
    And most conservative states love Trump too much to vote for a slightly less right wing Democrat.

  2. I actually think this would go a lot differently, with Bel Edwards performing stronger in the south but worse in the north. I think he would flip AZ, LA, AR, MO, IA, GA, FL, NC and WV, but lose NH, ME-AL and MN to Trump. Other potential flips to the democrats would be KY, TN, MS, AL and SC, while MI, VA, NJ, CT and CO might flip the other way round.

  3. Another fake scenario. Bel Edwards might make the south more contested, but, Trump will still sweep most of the south. Including LA, FL, IA, NC, VA, NH, ME 3/4, NV, MN, WI, MI, PA.

    Mike Pence's southern and evangelical appeal will suppress any gains that Bel Edwards could hope for.
    Trump's rust belt appeal, along with the improving economy will give him a decisive win in the rust belts.
    John Bel Edwards could expect to lose many other swing states. Mainly because his appeal is deep, not broad, and people wouldn't recognize him.

    Also, Trump is a powerful campaigner. He will have triple the amount to spend against any Democrat.
    Also, being a first serve incumbent makes him unbeatable according to history.

  4. Your 10000000000000000000000% wrong Trump is expanding his base in the rust belt. Jobs are being brought back to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. They are happy because of what Trump has done. The polls are 100% wrong. Trump his building his base in FL jobs are being brought back their as well more people in FL support Trump then ever before. His base their is very royal. You believe 100% in polls. Look up more data then dumb polls that are wrong anyway

  5. If Bel Edwards can't win Ohio how can he win North Carolina. Why would the vote come out for him in NC and not Ohio? I know NC isn't as rural but I think it's still quite a conservative state, could you explain more?

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