Joe Rogan's DIRE warning for Dems on Joe Biden

Joe Rogan's DIRE warning for Dems on Joe Biden

Krystal and Saagar talk about Biden’s latest public memory lapse, and Joe Rogan’s prediction that President Trump will trounce Biden in a potential general election matchup.

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  1. He is is like calling your cellular provider, cable provider or anything else you pay for. Then end up in a call center in India. And he and (they) try to read from a script.

  2. Unfortunately, this hasn't aged well…. We lost the greatest President we've ever had to Joey-B and Governor Cuomo is well on his way to being dis-graced…

  3. There are two kinds of people in this country. The people who actually thought Biden was a good choice are the kind of people that scare me. Nothing like giving an Alzheimer’s patient the keys to the nuclear codes. Hate does strange things to people.

  4. How do two "political commentators" who are so consistently wrong manage to hold on to their jobs? You could make a good living betting AGAINST anything they said was going to happen.

  5. Nobody talks about our job buying cheat on election how he takes money from Japan and everything he can't be president and you guys don't do s*** about it but just shine it on so other words you know what I don't want to hear you're f**** breath

  6. Mark my words….

    Kamala Harris: It is with a heavy heart I take the office of President of the United States, our thoughts and prayers are with Joe and Jill as he takes a much needed rest from 40+ years of public service.

    Coming Soon…..

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