Joe Donnelly vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Joe Donnelly vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Senator Donnelly overcome Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election?

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  1. I’d flip Indiana, Florida and New Hampshire back to the President Column. For a Democrat go win Florida they have to be turnout drivers. People if color, and mlineals are the key to sinking Florida and Donnelly doesn’t really appeal to them. Indiana, although is his home state, is too red. Add into the mix that the VP, a fmr governor is on the ticket, the president should win Indiana. New Hampshire I see you have to be either a Susan Collins type republican, or a Democrat from that general area to win NH, or an Obama’s type Democrat. Donnelly doesn’t fit anyone of these molds. Wi, MI, and PA I agree with you, that’s where he’s going to spend a lot of time. However I think maybe Iowa might stay with the President anyway. Donnelly is going to spend a lot of time in Indiana, thus diverting funds from other states, so I’d think Iowa he might lose and it’s possible he’d lose Nevada as well.

  2. I do have to say, every time you talk about how low the President's approval rating is and how you keep saying he is going to lose several states against most candidates, I'm reminded of Obama in 2012 when his approval rating was in 40% and was in the 30th Percentile in 2011 before Osama was killed and he still won in a landslide against Romney, who was a bad candidate just like how Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Kristen Gilibrand, and Cory Booker are. Approval ratings and Polls can say this and that but Turnout matters and if you get Trump's base fired up enough, they will overwhelm what the polls or Approval ratings say. smh

    EDIT: and these videos are getting too predictable. Every time I tune in to see a Donald Trump v this candidate, I immediately expect a Trump defeat and 96.57% of the time, that is what I get. sorry but that's some criticism.

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