Joe Biden's first speech as US president-elect 🇺🇸 US Election 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

Joe Biden's first speech as US president-elect 🇺🇸 US Election 🔴 @BBC News live - BBC

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Biden wins US Presidential Election

Democrat Joe Biden has made his first speech as US president-elect, vowing “not to divide but unify” the country. Follow the story 👉

US Election 2020: Time for US to unite, President-elect Biden says. Get the full story 👉

US Election 2020 | BBC News | BBC

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  2. Who’s the President of the USA? It sure isn’t Biden / Beijing Joe.

    Where is Joe Biden and the lying news media during the border crisis?

    Why is Biden wearing a mandatory mask when he supposedly got the death jab “vaccine?”

    Where is Joe Biden when he’s not filming in the Oval Office at Amazon studios?

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  5. You are the current the US president… You the top power in the US. You even can kill trump or Obama freely… Give me a ticket to love to my impire the US. Mary Elon.

  6. We must respect the president that we voted. We must be honestly to the president. I give the president the high respect in the nation
    That is international laws too

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