Joe Biden vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

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  1. Biden railroaded and bullied Anita Hill and lead to Bush's Monsanto judge, Clarence Thomas, getting off the hook for sexual harassment.   Here Biden is, pretending to be a good man… which is a bigger joke than Trump.   Horrible man, Joe Biden, horrible.

  2. Seriously dude Biden was very inappropriate and handsy with actual little girls. You can watch the videos. They look very uncomfortable and unhappy to be paused by him and whispered in their ear by him. I want him nowhere near a presidency.

  3. Trump will turn the 2020 election into the reality show that 2016 was. The only way to beat that is by putting a candidate that inspires the electorate. I remember they used to have polls on what was the name of the vice president. They didn't turn out good. Joe Biden inspires no one.

  4. Obviously a never-trumper. President Trump is doing a good job. Sure he's not perfect nor a politician. But Americans are feeling better and more optimistic about where the country is headed. Suggestion, get your news from alternative sources such as the Daily Wire….Ben Shapiro 2024!!😉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. I still think Trump wins 2020, especially considering he’s about to make peace with North Korea. It’s really hard to say he’s not a good president by ending an over 50 year old war and making peace with a country like NoKo.

    Also everyone ignores that Gen Z, mainly high schoolers and young college kids that didn’t get to vote last cycle, can vote this time. And Gen Z is the most conservative generation since the 60s. Tons of people miss this, because they are not polled yet.

    The only two that can compete against Trump are Biden and Sanders, but Sanders would have a better chance for sure. The working class moderates in the Rust Belt always swap but will usually vote for presidents twice. EX: Obama. However they didn’t feel Obama did much and that’s why they voted for Trump instead of Hillary. I doubt they would trust a 3rd and 4th term of Obama. They will likely still vote Trump in 2020.

    Regardless of how 2018 goes, 2020 will be hard for Democrats.

  6. If I was trump I would keep hammering that black unemployment is at 6.9 record lows, black unemployment has fallen under trumps first two years so far compare that to Obama's first two years were it got worse but to be fair to obama it did drop in his last 4 years

  7. I don’t think you should assume that Biden would get more of the black vote than Hillary did just because he was Obamas Vice President. Hillary Clinton was his Sec. of State, and that didn’t matter when it came to the African American community and the minority vote in general in 2016

  8. In other words, dems should want Biden to run. Great point making that Biden knows the rust bent. I think he is the best chance to take those key states from Trump. However I would argue against that because the fact steel tariffs were meant to benefit steel towns within the rust bent. I could see farming states like Iowa and Wisconsin turning blue because of the fact the farming industry is the first effected by a tariff (a lot of angry farmers here in Iowa).
    Nevertheless, I am an Anti-trump person and have never really care for him. With that being said, I do not think Trump will lose 2020, even if it Biden he is running against. Personally, I think the mutual friendship Dennis Rodman has with Kim Jung Un is a huge reason things are moving along with North Korea and Trump's claims of unemployment, etc. reminds me of a backup QB starting Week 17 and claiming that he alone got his team to the playoffs.
    I am well aware that a lot of Americans (enough to effect the outcome of the election) disagree with that statement. This is how I am able to come up with that conclusion. Even if there is a major Blue Wave in 2018, I do not see it effecting Trump in 2020. My advice, if you are a Democrat, continue to vote against the GOP and work hard for what you believe in but just be prepared for 6 1/2 more years. We've seen this man through "grab them by the p***y", "sending rapists" comment, and whatever that arm motion was that angered disabled Americans and win 2016. Unless Mueller actually finds something illegal on Trump himself (not just others associated with Trump), I honestly do not think much more would affect Trump.

  9. I love your videos but I feel like sometimes you rely to much on social dynamics. Like how you said he Biden would get the black vote BECAUSE of his ties to the Obama admin. Some people believe Obama didn’t do enough for the minorities

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