Jan. 6 was just the beginning of the GOP’s attempt to control elections

Catherine Price

As chair of the Democratic Party in Polk County, my position on the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol is and has been clear and unequivocal. It was an insurrection organized, encouraged and fomented by President Donald J. Trump.

This insurrection was occasioned by his lie that the election on Nov. 3 was stolen from him. Whether it is called it a riot or an insurrection, the purpose was the same, subversion of a free and fair national U.S. presidential election.

Trump lost the election by more than 7 million popular votes, and 74 electoral votes (306 to 232). And though a margin of just 44,000 votes in a few states propelled Joe Biden to victory, the results were confirmed repeatedly by honest, responsible leaders in the Republican Party.

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