James O'Brien gives his instant reaction to the election results | LBC

James O'Brien gives his instant reaction to the election results | LBC

James O’Brien gives his instant reaction to Labour suffering early defeats as the election results count continues.

Results will continue to come in throughout Friday but early results across the country show voters turning their backs on Labour.

Most notably, the Conservatives have won key Labour seat Hartlepool for the first time in the constituency’s history.

Tory MP Jill Mortimer’s15,529 votes were nearly 7,000 ahead of Labour’s candidate Paul Williams, who polled 8,589.

The Tories took Redditch and Nuneaton & Bedworth councils from Labour in the Midlands, along with Harlow in Essex, while Sir Keir’s party has seen losses in North East local authorities.

James reflected, “It is and always has been the case that the current Prime Minister excites the electorate, excites the population in ways that those of us who think that honesty and integrity matter find baffling.

“I can’t condescend on this issue because I fell for it myself in 2008.”

James branded it “one of the unknown unknowns”, questioning whether the elections have been “a massive fail by Labour or a massive win by the Conservatives” or something in between.

He continued, “I heard Peter Mandelson earlier intoning the electoral history of the Labour Party since the 1970s which is lose, lose, lose, lose, Blair, Blair, Blair, lose lose lose lose lose.

“It sent something of a shiver down my spine, to be honest with you, because when you see it in those terms we essentially live in a one party state.”

He questioned whether British politics is now a form of “popularity contest”, reflecting that Boris Johnson is a “one off” and has “enjoyed great personal approval ratings throughout his career.”

Ballots continue to be tallied up across England, Scotland and Wales following the Super Thursday polls – the largest test of political opinion outside a general election.

Results from the Holyrood election – where the issue of Scottish independence was a main feature in the campaign – will come through later on Friday and Saturday.

For the first time in Wales, people over the age of 16 have been allowed to vote.

There have also been 13 mayoral elections happening across the country, including for London Mayor.

Across England and Wales 39 police and crime commissioner elections have also taken place, which had previously been postponed due to the pandemic.

A total of 143 different councils have also run elections to see who should represent them.

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  1. This guy opens his gob and condescends to brexit voters, then they vote for what he stands against, then he condescends to them more. Unreal. If people like him cannot see how they are contributing to laburs demise…

  2. How many times, EVER, has the government gained so many seats in mid term council and by-elections? None!
    the truth is that the "working classes" in the red wall are feeling the benefit of proper economic policies and are actually better off than they've ever been.
    once people have better incomes, families and responsibilities they always turn away from labour.

  3. Lol! How can you put these ideas close together – Biden and the Dems are progressive and Republicans abandon objective truth. I'm not saying the Republicans do stick to objective truth, but FFS, the more Progressive your ideas, the MORE you abandon objective truth.
    E.g, a trans woman is a Woman.

  4. He is so pompous! Basically, he is far more intelligent than anyone who has alternative political views to him! He knows best! That’s what labour thought too!

  5. Of course it's a MASSIVE failure by Labour. A Tory government in power for 11 years, and it still flip historic seats in by-elections, during pandemic. The level of out-of-touchness by Labour is beyond repair. The majority of normal people are interested in the "woke" nuts and virtue-singling politics!

  6. This whiny beta male thinks he's a smart person, but still doesn't realise why his brand of politics is so unpopular.

    That's the real baffling thing

  7. The left hated Blair because he moved Labour to the centre-right, but he won Labour power for 13 years! What have the left won? NOTHING! Unless you count 2010-2021 in opposition as winning.

  8. My dudes out here critiquing liberal elites when they have their conservative elites 😂 oh well you guys are weird. Sure do with that conservatives over here would give everyone healthcare, that’s something I do envy

  9. There are two conservative leaders in the UK: Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer. One is popular and the other is not and never will be.
    The solution for British Labour could not be clearer…change the leader.

  10. It baffles me that you think there is any more honesty and integrity in the alternatives to Boris. At least with Boris he has a sense of optimism, and belief in the country. Instead of Sir Bleak Starmer

  11. This guy is always getting on his moral high ground and looking down on the British people. He's literally a broken record. Blah blah hopelessness blah blah.

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