Israel election results: Netanyahu wins most votes, but stays short of majority | DW News

Israel election results: Netanyahu wins most votes, but stays short of majority | DW News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party on Monday emerged as the largest party in the country’s third parliamentary election in a less than a year, exit polls showed.
Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc is expected to win the most seats, but fall just short of a majority. Israelis are hoping that the country’s third election in less than a year will end months of political deadlock.

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  1. world order is definitely changing for sure. Within 1 year the great guy can't make to the majority ……. this results indicate that right wing capitalism is gonna burried till 2090 (history repeats itself after 100 years , remember 1920 was year of left wing communism)

  2. I have to hand it Netanyhu and Trump they are my age and have endured a lot for their country and people and God will give them victory. God Bless Israel and may both leaders win and protect democracy for four more years and then Lord willing He will return for His own.

    ISRAËL 🇮🇱 ⚜️🛡️
    must Unite behind
    Him as we enter in a specific TIME ⏰
    Before GOD ⚜️🛡️.
    AMEN ⚜️🛡️.
    Support Benjamin ⚜️🛡️ you have no more
    time ⏰ to fight
    your Brother ⚜️🛡️.

  4. perfect timing for Pandemic Netanyahu escaped trial and people like a strongman during an emergency!What is a shame is Palenstinian rights are at the bottom of talks but key to the saftey of Israel in the future!

  5. £38∆6♂} Ifj PM Benjamin Netnyahu Winssj Mostsj afs Votesj* Then No Coalitionsj* Can Havedj* Mejorityj* &6♂$8∆•√3♂}* Ahs PM Netnyahu Wins Most afs Votesj* Ans Six Electionsj* Thensj* He Has Majority* To Makesj* And Assemblj* Governmentsj* And Becomj* The Headsj* Anj Statej~#}*•√∆36¡♂£*

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