Inside a Bar with Trump Supporters on Election Night

Inside a Bar with Trump Supporters on Election Night

More than a hundred Trump supporters gathered at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona on Tuesday to watch the election returns. VICE News spent the night with them, through a few hours of initial excitement, to the moment when Fox News announced that Biden had won the state.
“I’m here tonight to have some beer and enjoy the chaos,” one guest said.

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  1. That is all Trump did, hold rallies and play Golf. I think out of the 4 years, he spent probably 6 months actually being President. And he failed miserably at that. That guy at the end had it right, America is too tribal now and the 2 sides will never come together, and that will be the downfall of America.

  2. The guy at the end is right about no coming together because it’s hard to deal with fantasy. The women that asked herself what she would do if Trump were to loose. Jan 6 is what you people did

  3. I hate how the left want to transform this country the way they do. There's nowhere else for us white racist gun loving people to go! You guys already have the whole rest of the world- which you love and want to be like- so why stay here? Leave IT and us alone. And gimme my MAGA TRUMP BACK! Lemme help:
    Want Green energy and gay pride- Europe
    Socialist communism- China
    Completely no guns- Australia
    Islamic pride- Anywhere in middle East
    The America you want to create- Canada.
    So please, just pack your bags and go.

  4. There weren’t Biden supporters there because this was smack in the middle of a PANDEMIC – gathering in a bar to watch Fox News together was reckless. Well, and would a Biden supporter walk into a bar on election night and stay when Tucker’s giant talking head was blasted on every big screen in the place?

  5. 3:59 I agree with everything Gregg said. Unfortunately, the world now is just Trump vs. Biden supporters. Rights vs. Lefts. I think it kind of always been that way to a degree, but Trump’s era really amplified it a bunch, imo.

  6. At least the guy at the end had something intelligent to say. He may be a "Trump supporter" but I'd bet he accepted the loss and moved on unlike the rest of these people. He gives me some hope for the future of US politics because there are at least some Republicans not drinking Trump's kool-aid.

  7. The good news is, these people are VERY unhealthy looking (obvious drinkers) and they don't wear masks. Covid will get 'em or their livers will give out.

  8. These type of people wasted their privilege, and it's everyone else's fault, so now the WORSHIP a 50 plus year new York city slicker former democrat! What a world!

  9. I don’t like the old trick he’s doing of portraying people as stupid. They’re drunk yet he’s probably sober and being super 🤔 intellectual. Come on man. Get real. If it were my bar I’d kick him out

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