How U.S. election night unfolded in 7 minutes

How U.S. election night unfolded in 7 minutes

The U.S. presidential election vote count continued into Wednesday morning with no clear winner emerging and potentially millions of outstanding votes in several swing states still to be counted. Nevertheless, Donald Trump declared that as far as he was concerned he had already won the race and said he would go to the Supreme Court to ensure the integrity of the vote.
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  1. Many states were not allowed to count the votes BEFORE the election. And on election day, the votes cast IN PERSON were counted FIRST. Which means the mailing ballots would have to counted afterwards, which made sense that trump would APPEAR to win, however when the mailing ballots were being counted, of course the one who got the MOST votes is the winner.

  2. We all knew that mail in ballots would skew toward Biden and, with those being counted last, it's not a surprise that Trump was up early and then lost. LOST.

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