How Trump Is Fighting To Stay In The Public Eye

How Trump Is Fighting To Stay In The Public Eye

The latest — and possibly most impactful — method Donald Trump has chosen in order to keep his name circulating within the public consciousness isn’t necessarily an extension of his own family’s possible political dynasty, per The Hill, but in endorsing Republican candidates who have continued to stand in the Trump loyalist camp. 

As Vox noted in March 2021, among these career politicians courting favor with the former president is Republican Jody Hice, who announced his intention to run for the office of Secretary of State in Georgia in 2022, a position which would make him the top election official in the state if he were to win. Notably, the role is currently filled by Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, who was instrumental in going public with a January 2021 conversation between himself and the ex-commander-in-chief, in which Trump attempted to convince the Georgia state secretary to help him “find” votes to secure a Trump win in the 2020 presidential race. (The incident also spurred prosecutors in Georgia’s Fulton county to launch a grand inquiry, which could feasibly end with Trump facing criminal charges for election fraud.)

While it’s not entirely unusual for Trump to back or endorse Republican candidates who have continued to grip his apron strings even after leaving office (especially considering his enduring popularity among the conservative voter base) there’s a bit more in endorsing Hice in particular that meets the eye.

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