How Donald Trump, White House reacted to Joe Biden's projected election victory

How Donald Trump, White House reacted to Joe Biden's projected election victory

CNBC’s Kayla Tausche joins “The News with Shepard Smith” to discuss how President Donald Trump reacted to the news that Democratic nominee Joe Biden was projected to win the 2020 presidential election. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words.

    — Once trumps reputation is in danger or he doesn't need your vote anymore, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming —

    — Trump supporters are IDIOTS who don't do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty —

  2. Oh the Rightie tears are so epic, oh it gives the biggest goober, oh oh oh, yes yes yes
    I love coming back to get my daily dose of this, wee wee, this is so fun, weee
    (Sound familiar kids?)
    ; )

  3. We all know Trump didn't lose. We all know the election was cooked. Swamp back in control.. democrats got their hands back in the cookie jar. Blacks still voting blue… Its tough to hope that the inner cities get worse.. they are already dumpster fires.. but understand many of us living in the suburbs will NEVER spend 1 min or $1 in the cities. Here in Detroit suburbs, millions of us refuse to support the city of Detroit. I refuse. Until the people of Detroit break the 60 years BS voting blue.. they get no support from us in the suburbs.

  4. The worst day for america trump was not perfect but definitely better than biden ill have fun when you guys start saying "i wish we mever supported biden" in reply sections sad life to be in

  5. So, tell me … how is one 'supposed' to act when you realize that your opponent is stealing the election away from you and the citizens of the U.S..? What exactly IS the proper protocol? What would YOU have done differently? What a jacka** (censored to protect all the snowflakes out there)!!!

  6. In approximately 6 months or so after his inauguration, Biden is going to resign from his position to allow Harris to assume total control. For so long, the Democrats have wanted a female president, and since they failed putting Hillary in, they’re settling for Kamala. Not only are they just “settling” for her, it’s a great opportunity (in their eyes) because she’s both a woman and person of color (part Jamaican & Indian).

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