How a 2020 Presidential Model Predicts the Outcome of the Election

How a 2020 Presidential Model Predicts the Outcome of the Election

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  1. Joe Biden ??? OK, REALITY CHECK..try this on for size:

    96 mile vehicle caravan of Trump supporters just in Phoenix, Arizona on Oct. 25…TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE BABY !!!

  2. People are not listening what Biden says I want to increase taxes for the rich, people that get $400,000 and up. Americans lost jobs, income, businesses, stores and our industry is under. But He wants to increase taxes. Vote wisely people. Remember is a resistance behind Biden. Democrats.

  3. Almost 50 million Americans have already submitted their votes. There are still twelve days left to vote. What happens if by November 2nd, one day before election day that the total EARLY voting number hits -100 million votes submitted before November 3rd? Would that guarantee a Biden victory or landslide?

  4. facts… Gen Z u say trump doesnt care for the Job market.. we earned 7 million jobs under POTUS pre Covid. we have lost 22.4 jobs since then.. we gained 12.2 jobs two months ago , Last month jobs is 606k. unemployment went down as well.

    lets cut the noise here.
    be informed!
    Opportunity zones, Platinum plane, First step act, Designated KKK as a terrorist group, MLK as a fed holiday, housing market for blacks, unemployment record low, wage gap decreased under him lowest that any POTUS. you said he didn't want racial Equality? false! there's some things hes done for the African communities! MORE THAN ANY POTUS BEFORE HIM! FACT!

    what did we get with the economy?
    we received 40% manufacturing jobs, after having a decline in that jobs region that was 60% across 3 potus,
    Tax cuts that gave the average family house hold 6k dollars more.. that's more than 3 potus before him.
    First Wage increase in 40 years.
    women Unemployment was record low in the history of the untied states.
    housing market was on a buyers market.
    401k where tripled during his first term and still rising
    i know imma restate what ive said uptop but 7.6 million jobs where created.

    Trump closed the boarder after the first case in march
    he bought all the vaccine company's out to insure Project warp speed would be a success
    we are pre destined to have a Vaccine mid year 2021 (realistically no smoke and mirrors here. that's even being distributed factored in fyi)
    He moved the major AID ships to NYC( note that (NY) Cuomo moved Covid Patients to nursing homes inflating the death rate) wasn't used!
    He Moved another AID ship to LA to help with hospitalization
    He called manufactory company's to increase production of PPE, every state has enough Ventilators for every person in there states. they even stopped making them.
    look at Biden's plan and you'll actually see trump has already done that!

    Now this Tik Tok thing.. guys u gotta understand that the company is bought and is paid for by a Chinese! they are NO FRIENDS OF THE UNITED STATES! to even think that is just naive. TRUMP wanted them to release the app from Chinese corporation so they wouldn't have to give your personal information to the Chinese. what can they do with that information? they may already have your information if u are using this app. even now with the app being only bought up to 20% by different company's. this why they say the young doesn't remember and u should learn something about them before u harshly judge this POTUS solo on TIK TOK.. the company is owned by china company.. in china they have the authority to take all your personal information.. every video, every message, everything! even your private messages. china bad!
    i dont know how else to explain this to u guys.. i really dont.. its not xenophobic.. but go look at the concentration camps they have in china NOW! they kill people on a regular basis because of speaking there own minds. BAD CHINA.. dont fool yourself.

    there's alot this Potus has done.. but i guess young and naïve doesn't go without saying… used to think dems helped people, used to think youd have to be crazy to be a republican.. then i grew up. i got facts strait and realized i was more inline with the republican party.

    everything sounds nice on paper, but in reality when u grow up you realize the best thing u can give a person is a job not something free.

    whats that old saying. give a man and fish he eats for a day, but if u teach him how to fish he can eat everyday?

    i got another saying… for myself really.. if u give a man a fish everyday, then one day u stop. He will try and steal your fish. if u teach him how to fish he will make his own way. that's socialism in a nut shell.. the money has to come from somewhere.. its all nice and fancy talk.. free health care.. free schooling.. someone pays for it and if u think the 1% of big biz gonna stick around and foot the bill.. lmaoo its socially not what humans do in nature. we help one another but we are also selfish when it comes to our own needs. the 1% will pass the buck down to the little man.. cut wages, less hrs… less coverage in healthcare. wake the hell up before u do put us in a bad spot. also 1% doesnt care what u do with taxs they pass it down to the little guy as ive said.. trickle down economics works both ways.. tax them it goes downward.. raise them, they are more willing to give out.. we seen that with the wage increase becuase we had a booming economy. BO is the same POLICIES AS BIDEN! you guys are gonna have to come out into this job market soon.. mite wanna think about your tax's being raised..

    know your history, look at Venezuela and vote smart..

  5. Videos like this.. – Looking at the comments.. – You people are in a bubble.. – This is literally the same crap they tried to feed people in 2016… – for crying out loud.. – The SAME thing is happening.. something once again completely Ignored.. — How long has it been.. Since a president Wasnt Re-elected… – The Polls Are Rigged.. Just like they were in 2016.. to feed people with Sheep Mentality… "Mob Mentality" – For crying out loud.. observe the climate.. – Observe the Rallies… – Look Around you.. – if you live in an Area that is Pro Biden or Pro Trump.. – i travel… – you literally.. See 1 biden sign.. to 10 trump signs… – Those who dont have their support visable.. – Are typically Trump Supporters. – Because the left is violent. – very few people who vote biden, dont have their signs or stickers out, Those who dont. are typically people who dont want to be political. dont want to make a "scene" kinda people.

  6. Trump is losing it this time. I was able to see him winning in 2016. Dint even need deeper analyses. But this time I am going scientific with good analyses as your own. I supported Trump last time. But he lost my confidence this time coz he went too erratic. But there are some of my friends who dint support him last time but do now. But I reckon there are more people like me than them. He has been able to increase his appeal to some psyches of people who are always disgruntled in life no matter what. But that pct is v low. last time, it was the anti incumbency. He had a new trick up his sleeve..he said things which seemed fresh. But now the trick is old and people have seen right through it. He also realizes it and is getting erratic because of it. He shall start going more erratic in times to come both before and after the election. Keep up the good work you guys.

  7. I have a genuine question for the Biden voters. I am undecided who ima vote for but one thing that doesn’t add up is why isn’t worried about Joe Biden’s dementia?

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