Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

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  1. I think Michigan,New Hampshire,New Mexico,Colorado and maybe Virginia might flip to Trump though because Clinton is now launch more unpopular than Trump

  2. Political delusions are seriously toxic. Mix that with a case of Trump derangement syndromes and you've got some serious issues.

  3. Any democrat running besides Hillary would have won. But whoever goes against trump better watch out because he has Russia finding all the bad info and sending it out to the public

  4. Considering she was so willing to drive her supporters to the polls by whatever means necessary and didn't even have respect enough to face her supporters when she lost…I would say she is less liked then she was in 2016…that and the whole strzok/page bias that got her off the hook for the email server….no chance of wining against Trump in a re-match.

  5. Is it better than your 2016 predictions ? You are just another conman catching those who believe the earth is (round)
    Flat. I see you have a bet each way……. can't lose and can"t win !

  6. isn't this the guy who predicted Hillary would win in a landslide in 2016. I really hope you got off that democrat planation and unplugged yourself from the mainstream media. People ridiculed you relentlessly. Did you learn your lesson to never trust biased polls.

  7. You overlook the tens of thousands who have moved from Puerto Rico to Florida as a result of the hurricane who are registering to vote against Trump: FL will vote HRC, and she will win PA, NV, and WI, too.

  8. The thing I disagree with u most on is PA. Obama won IN in 2008 but it returned to its roots in 2012 and went back to red. Some democratic voters in PA probably got lazy and didnt think they had to vote in 2016 and that ended up costing the dems. Connor Lamb proved PA wont be going red again. Agree IA and OH would stay red as Trump won both of those with big margins. WI may stay red too. But yes if sanders or biden runs in 2020, Trump is in serious trouble of being the 1st incumbent to lose since george hw bush.

  9. Are you seriously saying that the margin between Trump and Hillary would NARROW in 2020?? 😂🤣 I used to find these videos were interesting, but c'mon! Really? So many people have jumped on the Trump train after seeing how much of a pathetic loser Hillary has been since the election.

  10. I personally don't see trump doing that well in the next election mainly because he has failed to follow through on a lot of his big promises mainly the wall, being tough on China, draining the swamp, and being tough on the rich. All of these were what made him really appealing and he's not really backed them up that well, and though his strong supporters will stick with him, he will probably lose his swing base

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