Hill TV's 2020 Democratic Debate Night: Post-Debate Analysis

Hill TV's 2020 Democratic Debate Night: Post-Debate Analysis

Hill TV’s 2020 Democratic Debate Night: Post-Debate Analysis

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  1. If Trumpy survives impeachment and Andrew Yang is not the nominee Trumpy will crush all other candidates guaranteed!! America is ready to elect The Best President of Our Time Andrew Yang!!! 👍☑️🇺🇸💵😁

  2. Jamal needs to be go. I avoid Hill videos if he is in them. This dude needs to go work at CNN. Perfect bland corporatist BS talking point machine.

  3. not one time did Andrew Yang try to take jabs in debate with the other candidates was it because his mic was being turned off or is he and who needs to like bring his own microphone and and force his way into the conversation at these debates

  4. if you want a just tax system, end taxation. force all transactions through government servers, clip off x% adjusted quarterly, add a customs fee of y% for all transborder activity. adjust quarterly to maintain revenue neutral trade. that pays for public activity, no punishment, no bribes . resultvis a flexible and robust economy.
    but the poor paying the same rate as the rich? yes, getting the rich to pay the same rate would be a big improvement. adjust x and y to provide work or welfare.
    the national administrators would no longer be at the control of politicians, who would be extinct. that will allow long term planning. and of course, public activity would be done in public, under the control of the electorate. this type of society used to be called 'democracy,'
    right, back to the chit-chat about celebrity politicians.

  5. Bernie calls Trump a pathological liar. Isn't Bernie also a pathological liar if Bernie continues to push Russia gate even after it has been debunked? I also remember Bernie endorsing a pathological liar in 2016. Doesn't that make Bernie a hypocrite if tells people not to vote for Trump because he is a pathological but he told his supporters in 2016 to vote for Hillary who is also a pathological liar?

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