Hill Reporter: HISTORIC Early Vote In Florida Could Decide Next President

Hill Reporter: HISTORIC Early Vote In Florida Could Decide Next President

Political Reporter for The Hill, Julia Manchester, discusses the huge voter turnout projected in Florida.

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  1. THEY need to GET the BALLOT dumped OUT of THE OCEAN. mail trucks, etc. ANOTHER trick that back fired. Biden won Florida, Michigan. Kentucky, & S. Carolina..

  2. I am latino and those latinos who believe that Democrats would turn this country into a socialist system are just ignorant. How many Democrat presidents have we had in the past? Did we turn socialists? No!

  3. IN FLORIDA, the mail ballots ARE NOT BEEN DELIVERED. After a month, my ballot did not arrive. So I voted early in person without the mail-in ballot. VOTE EARLY without the MAIL IN BALLOT. You DO NOT NEED THE BALLOT to vote IN PERSON. GO NOW! Millions of Biden votes are been SABOTAGED! No lines now. 15min to vote. Do not let Trump's lackey steal your vote.

  4. GUYS!!!! DON’T LET LEFT POLLS FULL YOU !!! DEMS WANT TO FRIGHTEN YOU !!! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO to VOTE !!!!!! TRUMP – 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRUMP- 2020 !!! No creo que la izcquieda-socialista-democrata y los medios falsos. Si

    an engan Noviembre, perderemos AMERICA y nuestro pais se convertira en Venezuela !

    TRUMP- 2020 !

  5. I got 4 more supports for Trump..in Florida!! Cubans for Trump, we know firsthand what the left can do to a country. It's time to defend this Great Nation OUR NATION!

  6. I think Trumps doing better than he did in 2016 , I just voted the parking lot was full of cars with trump bumper stickers. Republican turnout is going to be historic and I think there is a high percentage of Dems voting Trump . I had a man tell me his family was Dem ,but they all voted for Trump and was changing party .

  7. I agree polls aren't a flawless predictor for the election.
    However I'm not convinced that extrapolating from the behavior of Florida men is the way to go either.

  8. South .KOREA Moon Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc) South korea 's liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst) South korea is now under martial law / South Korea Rigged Election CCP Out

  9. I take issue with the interviewee's statement about voters' home country politics. It's the opposite of what she said: the socialist regimes are home grown; the right wing dictatorships are imposed by the US and its business interests,(edit) in collusion with the local oligarchy. The people who aren't happy with socialist governments are the ones that were profiting from the exploitation of the large majority of their fellow citizens.

  10. Another factor in Latinos' leaning more right these days is hispanic language talk radio pulling a Sinclair and going all in on conservative messaging, all over the country. Tho I think with younger voters, like with other demographics, this medium has less effect.

  11. I'm a smokeshop manager in Orlando Florida.
    I have to say that I've been surprised almost on the daily by just how many vehement Trump supporters are floating around out there.
    the weirdest part is their all like on the DL about there Trump support.

    Follow my Tiktok Squigglesbydesign

  12. I’m Puerto Rican and I live in central Florida and guess just guess who I voted for? For future President Donald Trump 🇺🇸🇵🇷 I also want to add that my whole family from New Jersey are voting for Trump!

  13. The effort that the Republicans put in to prevent us from voting, proves that they already were aware that America DOES NOT WANT DONALD TRUMP to be President. People are standing in long lines to VOTE TRUMP OUT

  14. Every poll company will be ruined when Trump wins by a landslide! These pollsters, some even openly saying this. He said when we get this wrong our industry is over. The weird thing is how come the numbers aren’t going up and down.

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