GOP Senator touts efforts combat alleged "fraud" against Trump in 2020 election

GOP Senator touts efforts combat alleged "fraud" against Trump in 2020 election

During a rally in Griffin, Georgia, Sen. David Perdue was asked what he’s doing to combat alleged “fraud” against President Trump in the 2020 election, and he responded, “”We called for the resignation of our Secretary of State’s what we did! We’re calling for lawsuits! We’re doing a lot!”

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  1. This guy is so wrecked.
    I give all respect to the original colonies
    The iroquois inspired the U.S. CONSTITUTION
    Americans have always been used by the circumstances.
    What made america great was WE THE PEOPLE DEFEATED INDUSTRY
    the magnitude of a UNITED peoples assembly. Worker rights gave rise to higher living standards. Health codes?? Lead posion???Milk???
    The original unifiers of this country were men of there times,
    Even tho they definitely had a higher hope for this country they were very anti religion and very deep thinkers in the ESOTERIC

  2. This is a Senator that changed the rules in the Senate so he could stack the SCOTUS with radical and in some cases mysoginist Justices. This is a Senator that thought that the POTUS can use his political office to strong arm a nation to create fake accusations against his opponents. This is a Senator that thinks it is ok to lock up children, separate them from their parents and become unable to find them This is a Senator that thinks it is ok to wear a gun and intimidate State Legislators. This is a Senator that thinks it is ok to attack the voting rights of minorities.

  3. We already we are telling our children and children's children how the Republican Trumpians have destroyed the rights of young women and the freedom to control of their bodies. We have to tell our children that they have to worry about being killed in public places fast firing military grade weapons of mass killing. The Republican have attempted to make American return to a poorer, less free and more dangerous era.

  4. America is changing. Those that live in the South want a kinder, gentler world. A more attentive to the needs of the American people and who would protect them from the hate and vitiriol of the Republicans. End their hateful and destructive tariffs and sending that money to benefit their party members. They do not want to your grandchildren to breath clean air or have a future that is prosperous.

  5. This Senator deserves to be thrown out because of his fascists attack on the American people. He thinks of nobody but himself like a true Trumpian. His attack on the American voting system and the American voter is hypocritical for someone that is supposed to be sworn to uphold the Constitution. VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION PARTY.

  6. Oh my goodness people do you not see??? It's been almost a month and not one case of Fraud has been proven. There is NO evidence of fraud. No valid affidavit. Trump admin stated Dominion is Smartmatic. Dominion IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN Smartmatic. Dominion is a Canadian company created by two engineers. Smartmatic is their competition. Do your research and see that changing votes from one to another candidate doesn't not happen. Lean more about absentee voting. Voter fraud does exist however if it happens it is not wide spread. It is insignificant. The fact that Biden was able to gain the blue states back with such small margins close to the same margins that Trump won the same states in 2016 makes perfect sense. Now let's be honest. If the Democrats were trying to steal the election, they would have won by a larger margins so the results would not be contested. Winning in Georgia by less than .5% is just stupid because it's not worth all the headaches for just 12000. 75+ mil people voted against Trump because they are so tired of his useless and demeaning. Can't you see that the real fraud being committed is done by Trump's campaign. They keep claiming fraud buy when they go to court it's completely untrue. The judges asks the attorneys if case is based on fraud and they say no more its not. Just watch the court videos. They are lying about the actual cases. After it's all said and done what are you are supporting are nothing but lies. THERE IS NO WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD!!!

  7. I don't trust either of the two major parties. They have a totally monopoly on power. Trump is the only man I trust in this entire government.
    Why would anyone even bother voting again? The entire Republican party in Georgia is as corrupt as the democrats!

  8. These Rhinos will be hung right next to the Democrat traitors who sold us out. Trump won and he isnt going anywhere!! Prepare for WAR !! And if you arent willing to fight for America then stand aside or you will be guilty also!!

  9. No poll watchers, not-a-prez. No signature verification, not-a-prez. No heart beat, not-a-prez. No beating the deadline, not-a-prez. No equal protection under the law, not-a-prez. It's so simple, you'd think even a Hill reporter would figure it out.

  10. why are you putting fraud in quotes? trump is letting people hang themselves, and they are doing it, in droves. you have to let them certify these numbers, so it can be proven shortly after it was fraud, and that makes the crime even worse. there are smart people letting this play out, and i /popcorn at the libturds that think they somehow won anything. most 'legit' (see how i put that in quotes) biden voters did it soley to have 'not trump' without knowing a clue about him or what he stands for. ignorance won't save you from the reaping.

  11. I hear freedom in the background. Biden has already announced gun taxes and national registry. That only hurts law abiding citizens. It does not hurt the criminals, they don't obey those laws. That's why they are criminals! This only helps the crooks…

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