GOP Senator RIPS Joe Biden and Hunter Biden over "POTENTIAL CRIMINAL financial deals"

GOP Senator RIPS Joe Biden and Hunter Biden over "POTENTIAL CRIMINAL financial deals"

Sen. Chuck Grassley slammed President-elect Joe Biden, his family, and the “liberal media” for ignoring evidence he presented to protect Democratic political interests.

Sen. Chuck Grassley,President-elect Joe Biden,Hunter Biden
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  1. We do not to listen McCarthy speech. We do not want to Ted Cruz speech. And McConnell speech. We might support Warren Elizabeth. Lawful and Technologies innovation Manualfacture for this nation.

  2. We might remove Biden. Because Hunter Biden with deal China violent with neighbors. It is the serious crimes. Especially war on going.

  3. we now see today 1/28/20 why hunter and biden cartel are in bed with baresma energy biden cut off the gas an oil in usa trting to force us to buy from russa/ukrane? they'll make millions/ they need to fry i.m.o.

  4. The subject is an unemployment the subject is Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that's the subject McConnell keep stick to the subject and address it

  5. Why is turtleneck not talking about the Biden scams why is he going on to unemployment this man has a woman that's Chinese his wife they have a shipping business that's worth billions they're not losing any money his shipping business hasn't stopped he's married to a Chinese diplomat she has diplomatic immunity and why is he still in office why are you still in office turtleneck McConnell I'm sorry but you haven't done nothing for the American people show us what you've done other than get rich quick

  6. Why does it always look like Big Daddy's always talking to Hunter telling Hunter what Hunter's next movie is going to be he thinks he's smart he thinks he's cagey this Biden all he is is a snake he's lying to you not only that they tell you opposite of what's going on they're sending millions of millions of dollars overseas and in South American countries to create Democrats they say that the Republicans are trying to get rid of the Democrats but it's the opposite

  7. Hey Joe! Where did Hunter Biden get the $2.5 Million he paid to former stripper, Lunden Roberts, to have your illegitimate grand baby and keep her mouth shut about it till after November 5th?

  8. Wow! So you’re telling me there is proof the Biden family is crooked and this election was rigged! And no arrest have been made? I have a feeling we are about see an important part of history be recorded.

  9. Lets keep it Fair where the investigation into trumps kids and wife and Trump himself weve been asking for for many years??? Guess these guys refuse to accept facts when it benifits them if you want people to pay attention give us Trump all his kids and his wifes tax info and buisness this is America Correct?Lets keep it Fair..cmon..Scared of the Real Truth?

  10. BTW..why wasn't the income of Trump tariffs against China deposited back into America's Federal Reserve? We know went into someone's pocket in Chinese bank account

  11. A moment of reflection: When you give the most precious thing that you have for this country to go to war – your son- and they die- then they bring illegals to this country – do you think that people are going to do nothing?
    And the fact that Biden will continue creating FEAR (BEGINNING OF SOCIALISM) by taking your rights away and continue forcing you to stay home – do you think that people will do nothing?
    And they will impose more curfew – BEGINNING OF SOCIALISM.
    When people loose everything – retail stores failing – and they lose their houses – do you think that people will stay quiet?
    Biden – YOUR STRATEGY IS TO KILL AMERICA – in the meantime your son and your family does whatever you want?

  12. So this will be the new Russiagate from the GOP??? Do they Really want to talk about family members making money off of high ranking political offices? Isn't this how our well to do citizens have been living for years?

  13. The 2 systems of law in America must end now!!!!! Biden, Clinton etc… anyone else that did what these 2 families have would already be in jail. The FBI is obviously corrupt and the CIA intelligence is inaccurate and is being used for political purposes we need to eliminate all of the beurocrats in DC immediately if not sooner they all are a waste of our tax dollars

  14. yes joe biden, kamala are time's 2020 person of the year. because all family is treason. son sexual niece with Sisters-in-Law Relationship, father stole best friend wife. about kamala give sex to mayor brown for promote Congressman. and the top steal cheater ballots

  15. He said she said, these are the same people who acquitted trump when he got caught, they just looked the other way, if the Biden’s did something wrong, it will be investigated
    and dealt with

  16. Have you ever heard of the boy who cried fraud? When the Republican Party becomes known as bold faced liars it’s not surprising that nobody wants to hear what you have to say

  17. These scumbags that we pay their salaries and of course our kids and grandkids will keep on paying it and so on and so forth 1776 seems kind of petty to me compared to the s*** we have to eat

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