GOP More Worried About Election Day Than Insurrection Day

GOP More Worried About Election Day Than Insurrection Day

175 House Republicans voted against creating a bipartisan commission to investigation the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection. Now a prominent GOP senator admitted his colleagues are worried about the political implications the probe could have. MSNBC’s Brian Williams discusses with Ashley Parker, Lisa Lerer, and Katie Benner.

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  1. The only reason most Republicans don't want a commission is because they want Trump's endorsement in the 2022 mid-terms. They are willing to lie and tell us we didn't see what we saw, in order to stay in power. It's pathetic and shameful. Mitch's excuses fall short.

  2. All MAGA domestic terrorists and traitors, deserve the death penalty. Ted Cruz should be one of the first to be put in front of a firing squad. America will become a fascist state if the democrats don't act. They've been far too weak on the fascist G.O.P.

  3. That’s the point — it’s not over. The threat of violence is continuing and ongoing. This is precisely why we need the 1/6 Commission. For those who think we’re now safe from another insurrection, they don’t know Trump. He doesn’t give up — and he hasn’t given up.

  4. 1.6.2021 COUP commission, GERIATRIC GOP manchurian orange face traitor cult: moscow mitch, kremlin cancun cruz, mccarthy, gaetz, shrieking greene etc. the American people know……😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
    (DOJ & homeland security 1 more)

  5. I don't hear anyone responding to the resistance points made by Republicans to not have a commission. If the arrests and charges were enough in their minds, what about the systemic failures and other causes that can be prevented in future that could be uncovered by a commission? The Dems should compare their logic to the 911 example and see if they would have agreed not to have a commission in that case.

  6. The Capitol was overwhelmed by an influx of Tourist visitors on Jan 6, 2021 that eventually forced the lawmakers to evacuate the building. These Public Tourists were visiting the Capitol exactly on the day of Vote Certification, what a coincidence!

  7. CHINA: The United States lost the biological war in 2020 and was forced to go back to it's original form
    MEDIA: Trump and Americans citizens are racist

  8. A commission is necessary. Jan. 6 must be recognized as a fanatical right wing insurrection. The GOP is gaslighting the insurrection to bury it. There are congressional members implicated in the attack and its origins / planning. Mcconnell is part of the gaslighting GOP brigade. This commission must happen.

  9. Who watches the watchmen?
    In what reasonable context do the culprits get to decide if their misdeeds should or should not be investigated? Most Republicans should have recused themselves for having had a hand in getting the Jan 6th party on the road in the first place FFS!

  10. The filibuster needs to go or at the very least make them actually DO a filibuster instead of just declaring it. Make them actually stand up and speak for several hours like the filibuster was designed.

  11. Where's the Politicians ? Why are all the seats empty? Do you guys have proper debate or do they just read a statement and that's it? Accountability seems to be something lacking in a lot of the failures of your political system.

  12. The republican senators are wracked with fear of losing their positions of power. Simply because 74 million americans voted for trump and if they break with him the will never have power again.

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