Glenn Greenwald breaks down new STUNNING information on 'Bolivian coup'

Glenn Greenwald breaks down new STUNNING information on 'Bolivian coup'

Co-Founding Editor at The Intercept Glenn Greenwald explains why Evo Morales was forced by Bolivia’s military to flee to Mexico after Morales won his fourth consecutive election.

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  1. Why is the US allowed to run other countries leaders out of office? This is not near the first time it's happened, and I don't understand why they spend our tax dollars to be the police for the world when we can't even police ourselves properly. We have no right telling other countries how to run

  2. So the USA acted in their own interest? So what? That is their job. Don't let China in their. If that idiot would have played his cards correctly with the USA, he would still be in power and still doing good for that country.

  3. LOL not true. First, He was not popular even among the indigenous; he promised them a lot and failed to deliver.We were monitoring the elections where Mesa was ahead of Evo in the threshold , and then they cut off reports for HOURS and then they turned it back on and magically evo was ahead? They treated us like morons, and we started digging and digging and found fraud (a lot of votes were switched over to favor morales, people who had passed voted in favor of morales) which then started our 21 day peaceful protest and we begged and pleaded and called for the OAS to review, (I tweeted them endlessly as well) Almagro (oas) eventually did.., we protested for days peacefully some of which were escalated aggressively by the opposing party. So much so we stayed home some days and stopped protesting to avoid confrontation with Evo morales supporters, people that came geared up with machetes and sticks… not to mention evo wasn’t allowed to run after having done so 14 years later. I could go on 🤷‍♀️

  4. "They tried to impose third term limits." Cleary, you have not read the Bolivian constitution. It is shameful and dishonest to comment without stating the fact that the Bolivian constitution set term limits and Morales disregarded it and tried to make himself president for unlimited terms.

  5. Soy Boliviano, esta es la mentira mas estúpida que he escuchado. El 21 de febrero de 2016, el ex presidente Evo llamó a un referéndum para perpetuarse en el poder y la mayoría DIJO NO. Eso fue lo que hizo estallar la rabia de la población. Sin contar las muertes que hubo desde antes de ser presidente. Porque no informa que mientras era presidente de Bolivia era y sigue siendo presidente de las federaciones de productores de la hoja de coca en el Chapare. El 90% de la producción va a destinado al narcotrafico. La ONU es un chiste, nunca hizo un estudio de la hoja de coca, solo avalaba lo que Evo decía. Evo mandó a matar policías, bolivianos, nos estafó en las elecciones. Además de todas las empresas estatales que creó fueron para robar, ninguna hasta la fecha fue rentable.

  6. This is the worst. Totally false. Morales sold out lithium and other minerals to China. Morales stabilized the economy on a RIVER of narco-dollars. He took an unconstitutional 3rd term and then went for a 4th term through ballot stuffing. This man looted the national Bank on his way to Mexico. Literally a parade of armored vehicles loading planes. This was not a democracy under Morales. Every Bolivian knows this. Glen knows nothing. This is stupidity. "Destroyed a prosperous democracy that was poisoning the world with cocaine. The unknown"white" senator is not white. What a stupid commentary. Unreal!!!

  7. Get ready for election fraud on a mass scale in November. No way they will let Trump win….and I’m a lefty who doesn’t even plan on voting for him, but it’s obvious.

  8. Watching the unending failed US coup plots on Hugo Chavez and then Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela, I assumed that Evo Morales seemed relatively safe.
    Yet, when the end came, it was short, sharp and ruthless – his fate, and that of the country, linked directly to a military decision. I was glad that he escaped, but his political circle were left behind to suffer horrific retribution from the right-wing US-friendly crazies that took over.
    Morales is still not safe. His fate is linked to whatever government is giving him asylum (as Julian Assange found out), and whatever the military decides.
    So too, Maduro's fate relies entirely on the Venezuelan military, which for now is loyal to him, but could turn at any moment, given the right US persuasion.

  9. Morales build a cocaine traffic empire, of course The Guardian will not do a research about it. The OAS is not the reason why he was taken down from presidency. Do you think Bolivians will just wait for a report?. Come on The Hill. Do your research as well. There were thousands of irregularities, duplicated votes, government manipulation of numbers and so much more. The Bolivian people was fed up with his rhetoric. Did you read about his threats?. And all about his improvements in the economy, yes, it happened during his first term, but in the last 6 years of his term he was so corrupted and cynical that people just wanted to wait the right opportunity to kick him out, and they did. I found your channel thanks to Joe Rogan's interview. I was following your channel after that, but now that I see your political point of view and your lack of knowledge about the subject, I start to think you also have a political agenda and you are not "neutral" as you want to pretend to be.

  10. This is a non story.
    Election fraud is NOT amenable to statistical analysis : it is post-fraud
    that can be statistically analysed.
    Nobody keeps a tally of discarded votes of fake votes, it is the figures
    that are submitted from the different regions that can subsequently be checked.
    Post-fraud is a polishing up operation.
    a) you fix the poll
    b) you polish and manipulate the figures coming back to the electoral commission.
    The OAS (and statisticians can only ever analyse " b) "
    Nobody has a clue what a) looks like, but you can guarantee it will dwarf b)
    any dictator will tell you that.

  11. Quick reminder: Morales changed the constitution, and then he staged a judicial interpretation of it, and then tried to re-change it, all so he could remain in power for as long he wanted. No country can ever progress when the basic institutions are purposefully a sham, or led ad perpetuum by a caudillo.

  12. So… something happened in Bolivia, about which there was some hearsay, and people believed it, and acted on it, and now there's some other hearsay suggesting the opposite, which has been around for a long time, but we didn't hear about it till now, and people are believing this hearsay instead now. And John Bolton wrote a book full of hearsay suggesting that his former boss is full of crap, about which book the hearsay is that it's actually Bolton who is full of crap. And, yeah. We don't know a damned thing about a damned thing.

  13. This has the legacy of the Dulles Brothers all over it. It really comes down to supporting corporations. The US is the most hypocritical nation.

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