Glenn Greenwald announces show ft Kyle Kulinski, how to balance authoritarian instinct in crisis

Glenn Greenwald announces show ft Kyle Kulinski, how to balance authoritarian instinct in crisis

Co-founding editor of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald, shares why he and other staunch advocates for civil liberties are more open to government surveillance during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Get ready to start dealing with check points we have dealt with for many years in New Mexico. Yep us citizens been getting stopped never even leaving our state for decades. And we hate it. Men with guns and dogs happy to scare us.

  2. They will not be stopping and if you don't admit it who will. Shame on all 3 of you. Use these measures and "I don't know how we will stop it". Yes we do question the patriot act and we watch who votes to renew it.

  3. So all the liberal press is turning on us. If they weren't they would be calling out the squad's selling us out. Not to mention bernie being pretty much criminal this week not pulling out until after the election.

  4. When you have an unintimidating leader you feel more receptive to accepting temporary rules that infringe on your civil liberties believing or trusting in your leadership's honesty in reversing said rules, the US is a military dictatorship with a record of over 70 regime changes, converting social democracies to rightwing dictatorships, this manifests itself in a massive distrust by the US population because what was OK for others to suffer and as long as it was economically beneficial to the US was OK abroad, but unthinkable in the US.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 5 Eyes intelligence program is already very much so a thing. Our meta data is already being documented. Our location history on our cell phones is already in NSA hands. So the question isn't if our civil liberties are already in jeopardy. They are. In fact they have been for quite some time. The question however then becomes why not at least use this mass surveillance technology to combat covid. I think Glen is right for bringing this up.

    (And as I understand it that would entail a simple cross reference of a person's location after they've been confirmed to be infectious so we can see if they traveled on a bus or went to a specific grocery store, and could then deduce how many other people could be sick and test them sooner and so forth)

    (Edit: this comment is in response to the civil liberty absolutists. The ones saying we should never give up freedoms no matter the consequence)

  6. When you dump violent crime in people's neighborhoods in the name of "diversity," people feel the palpable sense of threat when they watch everything they care about crumble and are forced to flee. I realize it's hard to imagine somebody else's experience when you're in your 90% white hipster enclave or prohibitively expensive bedroom community, but do you get it now?

  7. 13:32
    Saagar announcing the next segment to have a guest from the Republican Party talk about the general election… more catering to the Ruling Class.

    Saagar… Krystal…
    When are you going to invite folks from the Green Party or Libertarian Party onto your show?

    Who's paying for this content?

  8. What a load of sell out bs! Theres is NO excuse for totalitarianism. Ignore our personal left wing gatekeepers folks and THINK for yourself. A depression would last a decade and kill FAAR
    more people than this flu.

  9. The answer is you find another way that does not involve mass surveillance. In a moral society with vast resources this is simply not an option. There should be no debate or attempt to reconcile.

  10. Kyle is about the least profound of all lefty youtubers, and his videos show up on YT way after something of note has happened. His takes are soft and silly, he's off the mark all the time, and he isn't a real leader. He's not out there with a bullhorn. He just talks to himself on camera

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