Georgia presidential election results at 3:00 a.m.

Georgia presidential election results at 3:00 a.m.

A look at where the election results stand Wednesday morning.


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  1. WTF Georgia!!! If Biden wins enjoy the depression!!! You may not realize this but the managed decline will continue. The great reset is coming. You have assured misery your children and future generations!!!

  2. Pay attention citizens of the world. Trump was winning in Michigan and that lead was growing when vote counting was suddenly halted. upon resuming the count this morning they are claiming that the first 300,000 votes were all 100 percent biden votes.

    You read that right. Not 299,999 for biden and even 1 for trump. All 300,000 in a row just happened to be for biden. whether you are a Democrat or Republican, and no matter who you voted for. If you have a brain and believe in democracy and the election process, you should be outraged. My suspicion is that Biden will quickly rack up 100% of the votes until he meets the threshold needed to win the election and then suddenly a few Trump votes will trickle in after it doesn't matter so that it's not quite as obvious.
    who would have thought we would be living in an age where conspiracy theorists have more credibility than people who live in denial.

  3. The stall session for counting votes is probably due to Trump already reaching 270 and ballots for Biden take time to invent the needed fake voter ballots to add to reach the WIN ! !
    Why else is it NECCESSARY to remove the observers or put them too far away to see what's happening during the count ? ? ?

  4. We are pathetic role models for other countries we wish to have fair and free elections. Something must be done going forward to ensure the integrity of voting….it’ll only happen under President Trump. Keep faith that truth will prevail…it will require huge amounts of patience but keep positive and don’t let the light of hope dim!

  5. Radical Left Calling for Star Spangle Banner Be Replaced. They are already starting to take over our Country Dem's calling for Deep Cut into Military Spending

  6. 🆘 I bet $100 there’s funny business going on in vote counting rooms in Georgia. Atlanta governments is run by democrats and there’s many of past democrat politicians in jail for corruption. I can’t even check my mail absentee ballot to see if it was cast the Georgia website not working and I tired 4 times.

  7. Biden did not win the media called it erroniously when they should not have so all you smug snarky little pricks that have been talking shit all day go home and scream into your trump dolls the dems cheated theres proof

  8. If the demorats pull this steal off 75 million americans along with the true President (Trump) and the military need to lock and load storm the capital and drag Pelosi Schumer swallowswell and the rest of the traitorous American hating communist trash out in handcuffs and tried for high treason wake up america your freedom dies January 22 id this scumbag lying joe gets in to arms patriots

  9. High reject rates of many Dominion Voting Machines were used to permanently alter vote tallies. Ballots rejected as unreadable were replaced by new "adjudicated" paper ballots filled out by operators who changed votes from Trump to Biden and then fed the "adjudicated" ballots back through the machines. This insured that subsequent hand and machine counts confirmed corrupt "adjudicated" results. The large number of rejected ballots, 68% in one Michigan county, which had to be manually entered, explains why it took so long to complete vote counts in many swing states and invalidates Chris Krebs claim that paper ballots insure election integrity.

    The use of adjudicated ballots should be banned from the election process because adjudicated ballots circumvent fundamental requirements of fair elections. Any election, whose results include the use of adjudicated ballots, must be thrown out. If that is done, and there is no other way to determine the winner of the election in question, the electors should be chosen by the state legislature in lieu of a possible runoff election to be held at a later date.

  10. Ruby Freeman (the Democrat suitcase blonde-braid woman in GA) has been arrested! She has acknowledged to law enforcement and investigators her role in the Fulton County methods of GOP witness complaints and the after hours ballot scheme count. She has confirmed her training and the DNC election directives – directly implicating coordination by Stacy Abrams – in the intentional mishandling and processing of mass ballot counts. She also has implicated and named Dominion Officials in Fulton County in charge of the ballot machines engaged and confirmed methods on jump drives to tabulator changes at the adjudication.
    It only takes one arrested participant to give full confirmation of the evidence already collected. Ruby is requesting complete amnesty for exchange of her testimony.
    Source: GA FBI Statement of custody and verification of her cooperation, at 4 am 12/17/20. News link is forthcoming….

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