Georgia election | Live coverage of U.S. Senate runoff races

Georgia election | Live coverage of U.S. Senate runoff races

This is a replay of a livestream of 11Alive Election coverage that began at 7:00 p.n. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2020 and ended the next morning.

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  1. See how Georgia election cheating with two types of ballots in Fulton Country – the difference between democrat areas with no barcode and republican areas with the barcode. That barcode is tracking in the Dominion server for adjudicating, tabulate and correlate. Here is an expert examined the counterfeit ballot and explained in details
    Jovan Pulitzer testified at a Georgia State Senate subcommittee hearing on Dec. 30, 2020.

  2. In the mean time: 'Dead votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now 369,950. Mister Trump, mister Pence, miss McEnany, you have knowingly left children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to their own devices and sent them to death. How many people who work hard, to save someone else, die? It is unbelievable what Trump, Pence, and McEnany did, so blinded by thirst for power this is so sick …………These people are poisoning America ………….'

  3. BLACK AMERICANS (millennial/Gen-Z) in Georgia 🍑🖤🇺🇸 thank you, for giving us the blue print for South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, & finishing/completing North Carolina transformation, finishing/completing Florida transformation ,

  4. Left says there no election fraud
    I talk guy work for major military company and they destroy there lap tops when they leave China and this is dame virus Left bowing down to 🇨🇳 cause gov't. In debt up to your eye balls and but mark of beast when they start drowning in debt
    I talk about how fix those machines give years ago cause worked on computers most of life
    I could work stuff that hack anything world but they detuned it cause caught Clinton and Gore so refused take job

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