Georgia election audit update; Fulton County nearly finished with retally

Georgia election audit update; Fulton County nearly finished with retally

In Fulton County, Georgia, they are nearly done with the process of re-tally the 2020 election results:


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  1. If you found 2,600 uncounted votes then your State votes are contaminated by ignorance, or fraud. There must be a re-vote in your state for the Presidential office at the very least since it is a national vote.Your Ignorance or fraud may not be aloud to influence the outcome of the federal election. As a citizen of the USA I demand this, and i would hope that the remaining American citizens will demand this as well.

  2. The republicans Senators should be right behind President Trump screaming bloody murder 100 percent the democrats cheated but not a little a large scale of cheating .the biggest mistake the republicans made was to allow democrats to mail out 80 million ballots it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what went on here. If they could not stop mail process then the republicans should have 90 million ballots 10 to each republican house if republicans do not draw the line here the senate is next Democrats will do whatever is necessary to win yes people they have been cheating for many years,

  3. Get over it. Your president is a international joke. Your covid is out of control, DT doesn't care about you. He has a radiologist 🤦 on the virus team, Hurd immunity good luck with that ever wonder why Canada's count is so low. Think for yourself and stop by listening to the Bull Shit.

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  5. The DEMS internal polling showed Trump wins in Landslide. Swamp creatures decide, Winning was bad enough but now he's gonna have a mandate to destroy communism along with all of us. The Swamp then decided that losing was OK , they could always regroup to fight another day, but a mandate was unacceptable, it posed an existential threat. These criminals went into action to steal the election. They would steal just enough votes to make it look like it was a close race. This way even, if they got caught cheating, they would still try top cast doubt on any Trump mandate by saying he stole it from us, and hope their useful idiot followers would all get in line behind them. Sorry to break it to you morons, We The People, have been waiting generations for a president that will be the champion of the People , instead of steal our dreams. We The People can show you what next in your future:

  6. It was not an audit. There needs to be a full audit. All they did was recount the same bogus crap they already had. I wonder how many more of those sticks full of trump votes have magically disappeared?

  7. I would rather trust hand voting I mean hand tally and then letting a machine that can be persuaded or hacked in the saying the winner is so-and-so when they really didn’t just because somebody didn’t want to see Trump win so they got a automatic leave forcefully put it in the system that Biden wins and have their system automatically take enough votes from Trump’s and put it in the Bidens so Biden can win yeah that’s fraud out of the ass

  8. They have Now RECOUNTED in GA and it’s still showing Biden has WON 🤣😂👍🏻🙏👌 Has BONE SPURS run out of straws? Do you want any help from Nigerians or Kazakhstan? They seem to be happy to send someone to oversee and clean up your Third World Country system 🙈🤩🙈It seems you have difficulty in counting and organising a P**s Up in a brewery!🤣👋🙏

  9. You mean they are almost done with their fake recount. Are you going to tell people that that the Secretary of state made a secret deal with the democrats to not do signature verification or that he accepted millions of dollars from Dominion. A little truth would be nice but we know now not to expect that from the media.

  10. The crooks are doing the recount. This has been Rigged. America is damned if this is allowed to continue. All of our military men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Will have done so for what!!!! So some far leftists can rig an election. Shame on all of you

  11. Yeah this is real bright, let's recount all the fraudulent ballots that came in over again. Georgia is just as corrupt as their governor, I hope the United States Supreme Court throws this entire State under the bus where it belongs.

  12. Fraud , no one person will be free , freedom is lost , you now are not in control of your success , you are going to be only what “they” want you to be (nothing but a servant , comrade,)sad day
    No more “self made millionaires “
    Ignorant people 30 years from now will not understand that term
    “Self made”

  13. High reject rates of many Dominion Voting Machines were used to permanently alter vote tallies. Ballots rejected as unreadable were replaced by new "adjudicated" paper ballots filled out by operators who changed votes from Trump to Biden and then fed the "adjudicated" ballots back through the machines. This insured that subsequent hand and machine counts confirmed corrupt "adjudicated" results. The large number of rejected ballots, 68% in one Michigan county, which had to be manually entered, explains why it took so long to complete vote counts in many swing states and invalidates Chris Krebs claim that paper ballots insure election integrity.

    The use of adjudicated ballots should be banned from the election process because adjudicated ballots circumvent fundamental requirements of fair elections. Any election, whose results include the use of adjudicated ballots, must be thrown out. If that is done, and there is no other way to determine the winner of the election in question, the electors should be chosen by the state legislature in lieu of a possible runoff election to be held at a later date.

  14. What about they made us ware a glove on our left hand ,so they could get our left thumb print before they changed our vote from Trump, to biden they switched our vote to biden. How are they gonna prove we didn't vote for biden… revote on paper.with a paper copy to prove who we voted for?

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