Georgia 2020 election results: Gov. Kemp speaks after results certified

Georgia 2020 election results: Gov. Kemp speaks after results certified

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued remarks in Atlanta Friday an hour after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced he certified the results.

A release from Raffensperger said: “In certifying the results, the Secretary of State affirmed that all 159 counties have provided to the state the total votes tabulated for each state and federal candidate. Further, the Secretary of State affirms that the statewide consolidated returns for state and federal offices are a true and correct tabulation of the certified returns received by this office from each county.”

With the certification, the two-business-day time period begins for a candidate who lost by less than 0.5% of the vote to request a recount. Certification does not preclude the state from continuing any current investigations related to the General Election or from pursuing any future allegations that may arise from these elections.

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  1. Kemp is the biggest cheat of all so nothing he says phases anyone he should be recalled. Where is the fraud? This is bs and everyone knows it. Just how many of these Senators is in deep with Trump like what does he have on them that they are willing to risk being voted out for their next terms. Is the Republican Party really this Sick and Cowardly? Do they not realize that these actions are pushing good sound minded individuals to leave the Republican Party?

  2. Why such a long speech? Do the machine recount. It'll be faster, what's with all this political posturing? You did the hand recount, now do the machine. By the way, those votes found on the memory cards weren't all Trumpy votes. Nope. Pretty near 60/40 with Trump getting 60 per cent. Made no difference to him losing.

  3. OK fine. Brian Kemp declared Biden won Georgia but nobody denies that his family corrupted for many years. Big tech and media censored and banned reports to block those facts and prevent people to make ethical decisions. That will not OK with >73 million people. That caused the nation divided. True always stay. Surely that will NOT play well with the Biden administration in the rough coming years.

  4. Was Kemp lying on 11/20/20 when he said there were no issues with Georgia's voting process OR was Kemp lying on 3/25/21 when he signed into law legislation to fix Georgia's voting process?

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